No More Anjang, Call Me Kai

As stated in the title, it is crystal clear, my alter ego "Anjang" is gone forever, so don't ever call me by that name anymore. Never, ever. I am no longer "Anjang". All of those that call me "Anjang" before can call me either "Kai", "Andi", "Kaizar", "Eden", "Faris", "Deng", "Duke", "Radin" whichever from all of the options they feel comfortable to call me. The reason? Because I'm no longer associated with the alter ego "Anjang" used to represent me before (whatever that may mean), so I'm gonna bury that alter ego once and for all. And hopefully those who read this very important message could convey it to other friends that may know me or want to know me in the future. Thank you.


  1. anjang, what gives? why the sudden?


  2. actually i've decided to drop the name for quite some time already after giving it much thought. and yeah, don't call me anjang k. just pick any names you want but not anjang. :)

  3. haha...abg kai
    so far masih kekal dgn nama itu
    eden...(mcm kwn2 u dr kml plak kn)

  4. seriously, it's hard even for myself, not to call myself "anjang" with those who already know me for years as "anjang", but i will try and hope all of you will try too. thanks for the support :)

  5. more anjang!
    Now welcoming new Khai ya??hehe..

    walaupun beza namanya, orangnya tetap yang gue kenal dari dulu sampaila sekarang :)