Answering The Pictorial Tag

(This tag is from both Khaliff Faid and Achtung)
Do you think you're hot?
I'm both Hot and Cold (borrowing Kate Perry's song title). 
I can be as hot as the models on the runway and cold like the nerds and geeks and weirdos.
Upload your favourite pictures of yourself and why do you like that pictures
The first few pictures chronicled some of the monumental moments in my student's life.

my mum attended my Hari Kecemerlangan 2000. photo taken by my dad

modelling for KPZ Chinese New Year 2002. silly-willy

as lead role in theatre Ludin for Inter-College

MC MAKP 13 wearing baju pengantin lecturer

as the green casanova chorus for theatre Satu Lagi Kisah Cinta in MAKUM 2004. we won 3rd place

practical at Royal Malaysian Police HQ at Bukit Aman. the friendliest people you could ever met.

speech for MAKP 14 and won Best Student Award

speech for 30th UPM convocation

my last intervarsity debate at Institut Integriti Malaysia. we won 2nd place

the first and the last memorable official UPM debaters dinner

the day I turned 22nd. The Red Birthday Bash, inspired by my "red eye" illness.

me crushing Malam Gemilang Kinabalu despite us Sarawakians with Along (not in the picture)

The next batch of pictures are memorable moments with my closest friends

MC-ing the first underground SDV par-tay (and only two SDV pictures included here for obvious reason)

the last time all of SDV frontiers gathered (except traumatic Angah of course)

the fab four: Farhan, Boy, Kai and Zack at Genting June '07

Wadah Perdana generations: Kai, Achtung and Zuhaini

the brotherhood of travelling pants: Zoulz, Boy, Kai and Zack at Ulu Yam

one of the rare picture of me attending Boy's friend's wedding at Kuantan

me with attitude at Batu Hitam, Kuantan

one of the Uniquely Singapore 2008 set of pictures

me, taking a spiralling shot at you

posing Santa Faries

me trying to fix my love, the first PC
When was the last time you ate pizza?
Last few months at Pizza Hut Tesco Ampang with my family. (What's the need of this question actually?)
The last song you listened to?
Alif - Akan Tiba (Because it reminds me to slow down in search for love) (Again, typical tag question which felt disconnected with the other questions)
What are you doing right now besides this?
Reminiscing the chronicle of my life as I answer this pictorial tag.
What name would you prefer besides yours?
I have many names; Kaizar, Faries, Adam, Kai, Kyo, Radin, Odin, Eden, KM, Aerol, Deng, Andi.
Who are the next people you will tag and why?
None. So this chain tag would stop here. :)
p/s: If any of you have tagged me for the past few months, remind me back to answer them cos' I don't keep track with all the tags :)P


  1. 'I can be as hot as the models on the runway'
    that's S
    'cold like the nerds and geeks and weirdos'
    that's D
    omg...split character...which one u wannabe?
    S,B or D?

  2. i can be as hot as S and cold like B. D totally in the middle