Gossip Girl 12 & 13

I have just finished watching Gossip Girl episode 12 & 13 and I can't wait to share my thoughts. First thing of, the best quote from 13th episode. Chuck said to Blair that she's not his girlfriend so why do she need to care about him and this is what Blair said,"I am me. We are Blair-Chuck, Chuck-Blair. I love you" WAAA!!! Seriously one of the best moment to say that 3-words, but unfortunately Chuck answered "That's too bad". Huhu! Chuck's pale-face look-alike Twilights hero. Episode 12's highlight was that Jenny humiliated Vannessa by letting her wearing a see-through dress to the Snowflakes Ball. And as obvious as it is going to be, Bart finally died, in an accident, not truly a good way to kill him off just like that. And what about Dan-Serena-Aaron? As in now, I'm voting for Aaron because I really do think that enough is enough with Dan. Gossips is all about secrets and scandals. This time, I wonder what Rufus mean when he asked Lily at the station, "Is it a boy or a girl?" at the end of episode 13. Is it what I think it is, that either Serena or Eric is actually Rufus and Lily's love-child? Oooh, I really should be reading the Gossip Girl novels so I know in advance the storyline.

p/s: It's Laundry Day today and I've finished my laundry so just need to wait for them to dry and (window) shopping frenzy next! Just got back from MidValley with its circus-themed Christmas decoration! So Britney+Take That!


  1. rufus-lily child
    not dan-lily obviously
    oh please...no aaron-serena
    i hate aaron
    he doesn't fit into any characters of GG
    upper east side?of lower brooklyn?
    he doesn't belong to any
    his looks fits S?haha...beauty and the beast
    n he's the ugliest beast i've ever seen

  2. you are just being too hard on aaron. dan absolutely no longer in my book anymore. he is so no longer belong to the society, lonely boy should stay lonely. but i'm actually still waiting for what really hidden in aaron's past as well. oh ya, anne reminded me about georgina sparks! michelle trachtenberg is the ice princess, the disney channel original movie alongside hayden panettierre!!!