Gossip Girl after Heroes? Nay!

Wow! Watching the episodic third season of Heroes is absolutely the best thing to do every week. Heroes is the dream come true to all comic book fans and one of them is me. Every elements and timeline events in the series are carefully woven and fantastically structured. A work of completists and perfectionists, a perfect combination. Script writers are absolutely doing fabulous job. Every episode made me craved for more. This time they really made good use of time-travelling. The 12th episode titled "Our Fathers" would certainly be one of the best TV series episode on parenting issues it almost made me cry. The script is just so awesome I screamed with joy of knowing the real deal at every surprise it threw to me. And I really dig the Issac Mendez's comic book "The 9th Wonder"

(Updated on 19/12) I've just finished watching the 13th episode, the downfall of both Primatech and Pinehearst and the death of some characters that I hate, such as the negro man that feeds fear to grow stronger, Arthur Petrelli and Sylar. I wonder whether Sylar's death is permanent. By using the formula, Ando got the ability to supercharge other people's power, Peter Petrelli got his power back and Mohinder finally cured. It is the end of volume three and the beginning for volume four "Fugitives". Nathan Petrelli revealed the identities of all the people with abilities to the President and now they are all on the run.

A confession to make. After watching Heroes, it's hard to watch Gossip Girl as it made me felt so childish. So Gossip Girl screening will have to wait until I have the craving for more gossips, again. Till then, Ya-Ta!


  1. yatta...i pon blom tgk GG lagik
    btw..it's already 3rd season,isn't it?
    2nd season sylar lost his power