Mobile Mania is Back!

(Nokia N97 as revealed at Nokia World '08 in Barcelona)
After purchasing N96, I'm still torn apart between N96, N95 8GB and Samsung 8MP. Actually I do think N95 8GB is enough for me already. There's not much differences between both Nokia models. I don't really need that added 8GB anyway. But I'm not so sure about what I will do with the phone in the future but my previous phone doesn't store much data because I always keep uploading them into my PC. Even more, I like N95's unique-shape than the generic-looking N96. Apple iPhone anyone? I think if I want to go browsing I'll just either get iPod Touch or Asus EEE PC rather than having the so-so iPhone. Both are the best alternatives available for Internet on the go. How about some offerings from LG, Sony Ericsson or HTC? Perhaps some famous cell phones models from Gossip Girl? Oh how I can't really wait to trade N96 for N97 next year. Touch screen, slide-out full QWERTY keyboard, 32GB and hopefully 8MP with more camera tricks such as face detection, anti shake to make it one hell of camera-killer! And I dreamed Xenon flash too! Haha! OK, so maybe for the next N98 :P BTW, I'm so in love with N97!

Anyway, my N96 has replaced the need of digital camera (but I do think that a proper digicam is still very much in need. DSLR!), land line telephone (but of course!), portable gaming console (I think not because I still favor PSP, but thinking back about it, yeah, I already ditch my PSP sometimes ago), MP3 player (I still need my smallest iPod cos it doesn't drain the battery power away), GPS system (oooh, I still don't very much need this stuff. I was born a streetwise guy. Ooops!), calculator (to this I say, "Absolutely!". Who need to bring a hefty calculator in their pocket? Except if you are an engineer and calculator is like your lifeline!) and alarm clock (though I do think that a traditional alarm clock is still the best but I rely very much to my handphone's alarm clock to wake me up!). Do you sleep with your cell phone(s)?

Just because Gossip Girl is all about reading the famed blog, a good cell phone is a must for every characters to keep up-to-date. Most Gossip Girl characters favored LG brand as their cell phones. The golden goddess of Gossip Girl, Serena used iPhone only once that is in the first episode. She preferred to use slider models such as the blue LG Chocolate in the first season and black LG Venus in the second season before changing her cell phone to pink Samsung FlipShot in the last few episodes. (Noted that Georgina Sparks used pink LG Venus before) The social-strategist, Blair used LG eNV for both season, but different colors from orange to maroon. The budding couturier, Jenny used pink RAZR in the first season and white HTC Touch in the second season (HTC is the maker of the Google's Android phone, the G1) "The" Chuck replaced his Moto Q in the first season with LG Dare. Lonely boy Dan upgraded from RAZR 2 to LG Chocolate 3. Nate with the cool Samsung Glyde. All of them used Verizon phone service.

My current playlist: High School Musical 3 Cast - A Night To Remember, Leona Lewis - Run, Natasha Bedingfield - Pocketful of Sunshine (reminds me of Serena van der Woodsen), Misha Omar - Cinta Adam & Hawa, Irwansyah - Ku Tunggu Jandamu, Raffi Ahmad & Ayushita - Jangan Bilang Tidak, Stacy - Gagap, Azura - Muara Sesalan, Bienda & Yasin - Jiwa Sengsara, Estranged - Aurora.

p/s: Fahmi bought LG Q KS360 and Zul bought Nokia 5800!