January 2009 Games Updates

Spore: Galactic Adventures has just been announced to be released this March. After reading the article, I was not really excited and looking much towards it. It is more like a create-your-own-adventure for space stage.

I have just taken a glimpse at MySims for PC at Signature The Gardens and am expecting for the pirate version to be released soon. Hehe. I've just got my hands on GTA IV, Mirror's Edge, Lord of the Ring Conquest and FarCry 2 but have not install them yet because I have two external hard drive to recover and the job need more disk space. Argh, more stress to get 1TB!


  1. Lord of the Rings Conquest sucks big time. The visual is below par. The third-person perspective ruined the gameplay. There's not much to do besides being the knight, archer, scout or mage and occcasionally played the hero characters. Do some combos which doesn't really help to boost the gameplay. You will find yourself clicking the same button over and over again. Unlike Star Wars Battlefront with its high quality visual, great gameplay and replayability.

    Still waiting for pirated version of MySims. Yes it's kiddie game but I'm still a child, at least in heart.

    Installed GTA IV successfully but failed to launch due to parental control. What the heck! I'm using Windows XP SP3, not Vista!

    Mirror's Edge is also damaged. Planning to do re-install later on. Far Cry 2 has to wait its turn.

  2. And The Sims 3 release date has been pushed back. The status is now TBA! Waaa!!! Meanwhile, have fun playing The Sims 2!