Stop commercializing Gaza issue

Stop commercializing Gaza issue. Don't take advantage. If you do really concern about Palestine, take action on it rather than just blabbering about it in your shoutouts, blogs, myspace page, facebook page, friendster page or whatever network you have. It's just pissed me off to see someone's page or blog talking about it like it's their own problem but actually know nothing about the real deal. For God's sake, "Israel" is not even a real country. They are taking other people's land and claim it their own and the whole world just acknowledge the country's existence. They are just a bunch of Jewish doing the so-called religious crusade on Islam.


  1. ohho...ohud olmert kata bush ikut telunjuk die
    dlm paper ari nih
    so now we know who's the real backstabber to those palestinian
    ok...i try to support palestine by stop buying product that contribute to jewish
    at least...
    even i br minum starbucks last weekend..huhu

  2. Woah, woah, woah! Relax man.
    Hehehe! Alahai, biasalah tu.
    Well Boboy sedih juga. Tapi nak wat ape. Just mampu nak berdoa untuk anak-anak palestin supaya selamat. Kita tak yahlah kecohkan? Mudah-mudahan mereka selamat je!
    Tuhan tu maha adil.

  3. bravo bravo! its hard at first but gradually you will start appreciating local products! hehe

  4. khaliff, it's just so annoying seeing some people even taking picture them praying for Gaza as if it is another reason for them to take a new creative picture for their profile. all i can say is "d'oh"