Things To Do in The Sims 2

Things To Spice Your Sim Life!
1) Maximise all your skills (If you are getting older, buy the Elixir of Life using Aspiration points!)
2) Create a haunted house with all types of death (fire, drowning, electrocution) and then make a horror movie
3) Fulfill the lifetime aspiration and get to the top of career level
4) Buy the most expensive thing in each category (transportation, TV, computer)
5) Start your own business and shopping mall and own them!
6) Become all the weird people: Zombie, Werewolf, Vampire, Plant Sim, Witch
7) Build a Servo, Find Big Foot, Learn to Teleport, Learn Ninja Teleport
8) Start a band
9) Go through college
10) Get a dream date
11) Make a great party
12) Join secret society
13) Have twins
14) Go on a blind date by using matchmaking service
15) Press Ctrl+Shift+C to uncensor Sims when taking bath

I've also created another list which is more comprehensive here: Feel free to add anything that crossed your mind so I can put them into the list! Thanks for reading!

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