My Recent Completed Reflexive Arcade Games

I love almost all the fashion-themed Reflexive Arcade games especially these three. They are creatively created with distinctly unique gameplay and highly addictive once you get to the real meat of the game. Fashionista!

1) Jojo's Fashion Show 2 (I've completed all the levels and got almost all levels to 5-stars. The clothes design plus the runway models are the best I've ever seen. Screenshot yet pending due to recent PC formatting)
2) Fashion Solitaire (See at the top right corner there? My reputation is now a Fashion God...err...dess! You can design your own clothes too using different combination of materials, patterns and colors. Talk about options!)
3) Costume Chaos (I've got all Master Sales Rank and Recycle Bin Gold Rank! See all the ever shining golden goblet and stars? The game is a breeze for me, provided that I've gotten used to its hectic and chaotic gameplay - as the title of the game indicated itself. Lots of fun mini-game and amazing shop upgrades!)
4) Totem Tribe (It's not a fashion-themed game, but still, the treasure chest is a very fashionable collectible item!)
5) The Sims Bumper Blast. It's not a fashion-themed game, and not even a Reflexive Arcade. But nevertheless this is one of the game that I've recently enjoyed and completed.

p/s: The Sims 3 Now Releasing on June 2!

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