Play: My Sims

I have just played one of my most awaited game, My Sims and I don't really like it. I thought it would be a fun and simple game that I can enjoy in my free time but it's not. There's too much of the loading screens, entering and going out from a building will get you to the boring loading screen and it totally drains the fun. The gameplay is all about creating furnitures, buildings and collecting essences which is very boring indeed. I thought this game could use more social options and fun stuff to do. Perhaps the game is best suited for kids only. That's too bad because I was so thrilled when I heard the news that My Sims is coming to PC (because I don't own a Wii, yet) but the gameplay just let me down.


  1. maniac!!!

    Luckily, I was been accommodated for my last visit otherwise trust me that you'll cry look at your damaged PC...


  2. as if u are brave enough to do any damage to my pc kan. cuba try mesti maut! hehehe