Watch: Bride Wars (Pick Your Side!)

I thought I was not going to write anything after watching Bride Wars because 1) I was watching the telesync version of the movie (video caught in cinema) 2) My first thought of the film was that it is just one of that "filler" movies, a straight-to-DVD kind of movies and 3) Why the hell should I confess that I've WATCHED a chick flick (Yeah, I considered it as a chick flick, so what?); but then it proved that all my thoughts were wrong. The film started to become very interesting when the war between the two brides began with bitching each other in the party their friends threw for them. They tricked each other with all sorts of mischievous stuff such as sending chocolate to the other bride so she will gain weight and will not fit into her wedding gown, turning her hair to blue, and the other's skin to orangeish. 

From the beginning of the film, I have picked my side with Anne Hathaway; because I kinda connected to her, and thought of Kate Hudson as one of my friends that resembles much of her personality, which I have a love-hate relationship with. Towards the ending, I felt really sympathy (most probably more to empathy than sympathy) with what Hathaway has to go through, and I was so pissed off with her stupid fiance for not loving her for who she is. The best part and sweetest victory would be when she crushed Hudson's bachelor party and break into some groovy moves. I like! 

During the wedding day itself (take note, 6th June) Hathaway really turned into what we seriously considered as the best version of "Bridezilla" ever graced the silver screen, storming into Hudson's wedding for ruining her wedding by screening a very humiliating video of Hathaway teenage years. However, if you already watched the movie, then you know that Kate Hudson won the war, and that made me hate her instead. I hate Kate Hudson! I don't care if in the end Hathaway get to marry Hudson's brother (Ops, spoiler!) I was hoping that at least her wedding is shown as the best wedding ever in the end, triumphing Hudson's wedding, but none. Instead, they shared the same baby shower date and that's all. Anne Hathaway should win!

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