Watch: Confessions of a Shopaholic

Am I a shopaholic?

Watching Confessions of a Shopaholic with my fellow shopaholic friends together really escalate the wondrous emotional journey throughout the movie. In time of economy crisis as we are in now, that caused by those who spend out of their limit, this movie certainly came out at the right hour, in order to educate those who always over budget, in a very stylish style. There will never be a dull moment in between friendship, family, love, and of course, shopping, you'll laugh and cry with every memorable challenges Rebecca Bloomwood experienced. One thing that will remain in your mind after watching this movie, that everytime you passed by the mannequins in shopping complex, you will imagine them talking to you! My, my.
So, getting back to the very first question, am I a shopaholic? Does buying matching sneaker and cap the other day to pair with my latest funky graphical punk t-shirt collection approved me as one? I think not. I still have self control over what I buy. However, I do agree that I am certainly a "kaki borong". Once I found a shop that sell quality goods such as DVDs or apparels with affordable price tag to boot with, I will buy as much as I can from that same shop at the same time. But after I'm home from that fun-filling shopping spree, I will feel regret for buying things in redundant without really thinking it thoroughly. This happened all the time.
(see that Nintendo Wii sitting majestically on its pedestal!)

In the mean time, I have bought myself a Nintendo Wii for my upcoming birthday! And I can still remember feeling like an over-excited otaku hugging his new baby on the way back home. Feast your eyes with the latest picture of my latest acquisition, Nintendo Wii! Plus, 18 new games to maximise the console potential! (Wii Sports, Wii Music, Super Mario Galaxy, Super Paper Mario, Mario Kart, Mario Strikers Charged, Mario Party 8, WarioWare Smooth Moves, Wario Land Shake It!, The Legend of Zelda Twilight Princess, Metroid Primes Corruption, Animal Crossing City Folk, Cooking Mama World Kitchen, Big Brain Academy Wii Degree, Rayman Raving Rabbids TV Party, No More Heroes, Zack & Wiki Quest for Barbados' Treasure, Ultimate Band) However, there is only one game that I still couldn't find anywhere, and it is in my top wish list, that is Super Smash Brawl! Also in my wish list, Bloom Blox, de Blob and Deadly Creatures.

p/s: Coming soon - Nintendo DSi!!!

Enlighten Me On Recession

1) What caused the current recession?
Before 9-11-01, US made interest rates on loans very low. This caused people to buy. Even though, in most cases the consumer receiving the loan, could only afford it due to these new interest rates. When a national tragedy occurred such as 9-11, the economy was in a blunder and caused rates to sky rocket. This made the people that made the irresponsible choice to take the loan, unable to pay their loan. So it is a case of money going out, and not being returned.
2) If the recession is man-made, it should not be difficult to fix. But apparently not. Why?
This is man made. But not an easy fix. This whole problem is due to people living outside of their limit. Until people can take responsibility and quit pointing fingers, this problem can not be solved. Our government talking with no action isn't helping the case. They are talking to the gullible, and the gullible is where the problem lies.
3) How can a US specific "home-loan mortgage crisis' cause recession in other countries?
Well this goes to the topic of exports and imports. US is one of the world's leading importers. When people do not have the money to spend on goods, they will not go out and buy as much. When people do not buy as much, not as much products are imported. When a country heavily rely on us buying their products, they were ruined from our housing crash.
4) What 'exactly' caused/causes recession? How can it be fixed so that there is no recession in future? How will recession be fixed?
Recession is the result of poor choices, poor budgeting, poor advisement, and poor investing. Encouraging life styles that are not applicable for a certain budget causes all of these. When it comes to fixing it, all it is is a reality check, people have to come to grips with their budgets, and apply them to the market as they see fit.
5) Is it in the nature of capitalism that recession will happen (just like growth will happen too)?
Yes, it is in the nature of capitalism to have recessions. But with this downside, you can have a large and spanned time of prosperity that is not found in socialist situations such as Communism.


Aku tak tahu pada siapa aku nak luahkan perasaan dan kata tentang topik ni sebab terlalu banyak amarah dan sakit hati yang terbuku dalam hati aku. Jadi dalam blog ni aku akan tulis secara terang-terangan secara telus tanpa ada yang tersembunyi, kecuali nama sebenar orang-orang yang terbabit, sebab aku dah tak tahan menahan bak gunung berapi yang dah nak meletus atau jerawat remaja yang dah nak pecah. Ini tentang seorang budak yang menumpang kat rumah aku. Budak ni aku tak consider as a friend pun sebab I hardly know him. Even more he doesn't open up to me or any of my housemates. Begini mulanya, housemate aku yang bernama N baru kenal dengan seorang kawan dari negeri yang sama, dan kebetulan diorang dari rumpun yang sama. Budak ni aku namakan M dalam cerita ni. M ni cerita lah masalah dia kepada si N. Si M ni tanya dengan N kalau boleh datang rumah kitorang (padahal baru kenal nih!). Jadi N pun kata apa salahnya. 

Esoknya bila si M datang rumah kitorang (waktu tu aku takde kat rumah), dia siap bawa barang2 dia dari rumah lama. Mungkin bergaduh dengan housemate lama. Bila aku balik rumah aku hairan lah kenapa si M ni nak tinggal kat rumah kitorang siap bawa segala barang mak bapak dia. Lepas N kata si M ni ada masalah dengan housemate dia aku pun tahu lah situasi sikit kan. Mungkin si M ni nak tinggal sementara kat rumah ni sebelum berbaik dengan housemate dia. Lagipun mungkin si M dan si N ni da berkawan akrab. Rupanya bila aku tanya balik, si N pun tak tau yang si M siap nak bawa barang-barang dia ke rumah ni. Si N siap kata dia bukanlah rapat sangat dengan si M ni. Dan dengar kata, si N ada hilang duit, rokok cepat habis dan makanan kena pau. Itu belum kira toiletries ubat gigi, body shampoo, hair shampoo yang habis in a blink of the eye. Housemate aku yang seorang lagi pun complain yang si M ni sesuka hati je masuk bilik dia pastu guna laptop dia untuk online sesukahati mak bapak dia tak tanya langsung minta izin ke apa. Housemate ni aku namakan C dalam cerita ni. C siap blog lagi perihal ni kat dalam blog dia. (Pandai2 la korang carik ke, google ke, godek2 ke) Aku yang pada mulanya malaslah nak kisah si M ni tinggal kat rumah aku sebab aku ingat si N dan si C ni berkawan dengan si M ni. Tapi lepas dengar je cerita diorang berdua, betapa amarah dan darah tinggi aku naik membuak-buak tak tahan. Aku rasa macam nak maki, caci dan cerca si M ni direct and forward tapi sebab aku masih berketamadunan dan berperikemanusiaan, aku pun bersabar. 

Sampai la ni aku rasa dah DUA BULAN LEBIH dia stay kat rumah aku, tak perlu bayar sewa, tak perlu bayar duit collection, tak perlu bayar bil, tak perlu bayar makanan yang dia masak sesuka hati mak bapak dia. Bukan tu je, dia masuk rumah ni pun takde nye tanya langsung dengan aku, N atau C untuk tumpang sementara kat rumah kitorang, main masuk je macam tu dan expect kitorang just accept dia. Terasa sangat kitorang dipergunakan. Ingat kitorang ni batu? Kitorang ni terlalu baik ke sampai orang asing boleh naik kepala kitorang sampai begitu sekali? Tak reti bahasa?

Sekarang ni dia tak bekerja langsung. Seingat aku sebelum ni dia ada kerja sekejap, tu pun lepas dia masuk rumah ni, kemudian berhenti, mungkin diberhentikan. Kata orang-orang tua, "Orang berbudi, kita berbahasa". Ini tidak, lebih panas lagi si M ni memang tak pandai berbahasa langsung dengan kitorang. Contoh, dia ni takde duplicate kunci rumah kitorang (Why should kitorang duplicate untuk dia? Motif?) So satu hari aku terdengar la pintu macam cuba dibuka2 alih2 aku tengok dia. Walaupun aku ni panas dengan dia, aku pun tak nak la dia mencanguk depan rumah sebab aku tahu camne rasa dok melanguk depan rumah, rasa empati aku menjengah kalbu. Jadi aku pun tolong buka pintu. Dengan selamba tanpa menoleh kat aku pun, dia masuk je dalam rumah, takde tegur atau sapa langsung. Memang selama ni dia takde pun tegur dan sapa kitorang kalau masuk rumah, seolah-olah kitorang yang menumpang kat rumah dia. Berbeza dengan kitorang bertiga, aku, N dan C, kitorang akan saling bertegur sapa kalau sampai rumah (Nak menyatakan yang kitorang ni memang karib bak adik-beradik)

Bukan apa, sebelum-sebelum ni pun ada je kawan-kawan kitorang tumpang kat rumah kitorang sebulan dua tapi memang kitorang tak kisah langsung sebab beradab dan beradat. Lagipun kawan-kawan tu memang rapat dengan kitorang dan dah kenal bertahun lama. Tapi yang ni? Seminggu pun tak cukup lagi, tata susila jauh sekali la kan. Persoalannya sekarang, apa yang perlu kitorang lakukan? Adakah betul apa yang aku rasa sekarang? Perlukah aku membiarkan saja dia stay kat rumah aku sewenang-wenangnya?

Play: After Flood of Blood Games on Facebook, Now THIS?

I am so overwhelmed by all these generic so-called Facebook RPG game apps. Can't they just create ONE RPG game app that includes all the features available in each of these games? I thought Blood games mania addiction in me has already gone, but with all these choices and options right in front of me, who am I to blame? Remember back then I've reviewed School of Magic game? Never knew there are a lot clones of it out there; Age of Chivalry, Be Popular, Blood Hunters, Demon Wars, Drinking Wars, Pocket Battles, School of Magic, Slam Dunk, Sorcerer of Darkness, Super Powers, The Green Game and Warlords! Play, Play, Play!

Watch: Dragonball Revolution & Street Fighter Legend of Chun-Li Round-Up

One is an adaptation from a popular Japanese manga and the other is based on a character from one of the most popular fighting video game. From the very first time I heard about both movies were in the making, I've already known that these two movies are never going to meet the standard of their predecessors and the truth is, they are.
Street Fighter: Legend of Chun-Li focused on the most celebrated star in the Street Fighter series. The very first thing that really tickled me is how on earth could Kristian Kreuk starred as the Chinese Chun-Li? She's not a Chinese and even though she tried very hard to speak like one, she is doomed to fail as Chun-Li. I blamed this on the director. Shame on you. The actors and actresses, including the extras, all failed to give believable acting. Again, stupid director. Not mentioning the storyline and the script, they all made you go "WTF?". Mistakes on some of the scenes are so visible it makes the movie plainly stupid. If there is only one thing that really stands out in this film, it would be the stunt choreography. The stunts are all impressive and really show the ability of Chun-Li. At the end of the movie, it does give a hint/clue of which Street Fighter character will be put to the silver screen sequel and the name is Ryu. I just hope that the sequel will be treated by another director.
Coming up: Dragonball Revolution review.

Redang: One On One

1) One word to describe my latest invasion to Redang: "Unreal". At first, I don't really intend to continue with the trip but after a while, I just go with the flow. The trip is like walking in my dream, without waking up to the real world, until, I get back online.
2) One new hobby to conquer: Snorkelling. Though the fishes and reefs are nothing new, but to relieve such stress just by looking at them and floating in the great blue-green sea are pure bliss.
3) One new clubbing experience: Dancing Macarena routine in group. Simple, yet a group-bonding dance to kill.
4) One shirtless skinny boy dancing on the dancefloor and flamboyantly prancing on the beach under the stars: That's ME!
5) One island to miss: Redang!

Next stop: Tioman Island!

Play: WTF on PSP

Wacky. Strange. Ironic. Chaotic. Weird. Absurd. Bizarre. Japanese. Funky. Unique. Ridiculous. Insane. These are the words describing WTF gameplay and presentation. WTF aka Work Time Fun (Or Baito Hell 2000 in Japan) is a collection of super crazy minigames that seriously will make your brain bleeding like hell. The gameplay is easy, you are to go to the placement office to find any available temporary jobs (minigames) and get paycheck for playing them, you don't need to finish them if you don't want to, they are not meant to be finished anyway. Each of the minigames' interface are easy; there are start button, the "how to play" button and exit button; as simple as that. The money you got from the minigames then can be used to buy stuff from the vending machines; either you'll get collectible trinkets, unlock more minigames or get exclusive tools which can be used in "real world" such as Ramen Timer, Matchmaker, Handy Light, Restaurant Bill Splitter, Eye Spy; most of the tools are not seriously usable but are there just for pure entertainment to mess around with. Some of the minigames will let you go "WTF?" but after a while, you''ll get used to all the craziness it throws you into and you will start picking your favourites and get addicted playing them. The minigames will require you to pay more attention on the details and make you more alert to your surroundings. If you are playing WTF in public, make sure you don't scream or shout too loud, because some of the minigames are just plainly horrific, grotesque and gruesome, while some are just so gross and dirty. And if you are a completist, after getting so many crazy trinkets that you don't really intend to collect at first, you will develop a kind of addiction to get all the trinkets from the vending machine. Even more, from time to time, you will get e-mails from your so-called "colleagues". Some of them are laughable and down-to-earth funny. You will also earn titles for achieving something high, or even low. There are also multiplayer options; for item exchange, outsourcing or challenge the other players into another round of crazy minigame such as Lumberjack Challenge. All in all, if you have freetime, kill it with WTF and shout out loud "WTF?"!

Baseball Superstar - Catch baseballs. Very easy to get into, and a fun game. Too bad it pays so little. 
Pendemonium - One of the worst "games" in this collection. You put caps on pens... goes on forever, and is simply "work." Pays very well. (IMHO, I don't think this as the worst game at all. This is the game if you want to just simply be a factory worker and get paid doing simple task) 
Mushroom Xing - A game where you must cross the street, avoiding cars. Sounds sorta like Frogger. Pays well. 
Traffic Counter - Count the number of people that walk by. Easy to understand, fun, and pays incredibly well. The game interface reminds me of Doom.  
Lumberjack - Chop wood, but watch out for animals. Still feels like "work" and doesn't pay well. (One of the game which will make you scream for its gruesome visual) 
Chick Sorting - Determine if a chicken is male or female, and then sort them. Awful, boring game that feels like "work." Does not pay well. (Made your mind numb by playing it but you'll miss the chick's cutesy) 
Three Count - One of the few games that'll take less than 30 seconds. Try to get as close to 3 as you can. Pays very little. 
Cliff Race 2000 - Play chicken against a rival car. Takes less than a minute, and gives you a ton of cash. Awesome. 
Bishop's Game - Avoid stabbing yourself in the hand. Amusing in short bursts. Pays very little. (I get addicted playing this one) 
Animal Investigation Corps - Do addition, get paid. Very short game, and pays decently. (Brush up your calculating skill)
Copycat - It's SIMON, but very, very, very long. Does not pay well. (And gross as well) 
Private Number - Try to guess a girl's phone number. Easy, and pays decently.

Tip: If you want to make money quickly, these are the games that you should play: Counter, Cliff Race 2000, Hell Pottery, The Net (annoying), Private Number Deluxe, Ghost Psychic (say yes to everything)

Listen: Flavor of Life - Utada Hikaru (Hana Yori Dango OST)

Lyrics & Music: Utada Hikaru

Arigatou to kimi ni iwareru to nandaka setsunai
sayonara no ato no tokenu mahou awaku horonigai
The flavor of life

tomodachi demo koibito demo nai chuukan chiten de
shuukaku no hi wo yumemiteru aoi furu-tsu
ato ippo ga fumidasenai sei de
jirettai no nan notte? baby~

arigatou to kimi ni iwareru to nandaka setsunai
sayounara no ato no tokenu mahou awaku horonigai
The flavor of life

amai dake no sasoi monku ajike no nai doku
sonna mono ni wa kyoumi wa sosorarenai
omoitoori ni ikanai toki datte
jinsei suteta mon janai tte

doushita no? to kyuu ni kikareru to “uun. nandemo nai”
sayounara no ato ni kieru egao watashi rashikunai
sinjitai to negaeba negau hodo nandaka setsunai
“aishiteru yo” yori mo “daisuki” no hou ga kimi rashii janai?
The flavor of life

wasurekakete ita hito no omoi wo totsuzen omoidasu koro
furitsumoru yuki no shirosa wo omou to sunao ni yorokobitai yo

daiyamondo yorimo yawarakakute atatakana mirai
teni shitai yo kagiri aru jikan wo kimi to sugoshitai
“arigatou” to kimi ni iwareru to nandaka setsunai
sayounara no ato no tokenu mahou awaku horonigai
The flavor of life


When you say thank you to me,
for some reason it hurts,
Like a magic spell that doesn’t
get undone even after the good bye.
a hint of bitterness.
The flavor of life

Stuck midpoint between friends and lovers,
like an un-riped fruit dreaming about the day of harvest
because of being unable to just move one more step forward
what’s causing this frustration baby

When you say thank you to me,
for some reason it hurts,
Like a magic spell that doesn’t
get undone even after the good bye.
a hint of bitterness
The flavor of life

Sweet talk and tasteless conversations.
it sparks no interest in me
even when things do not go the way you want
it doesnt mean you’ve thrown your life away

When asked ‘ whats wrong?’
I answer ‘its nothing’
The smile that disappears after goodbye
It’s unlike me

The more i wish to believe in you,
For some reason it hurts even more
‘i like you a lot’ instead of ‘i love you’ sounds more like you
the flavor of life

the period when you suddenly remember the scent of someone you had almost forgotten
I want to be able to openly and honestly cherish the white purity of the falling snow more

A future tender and warmer than a diamond
i want to grasp it, in this limited time we have, i want to spend it with you

when you say thank you to me,
for some reason it hurts,
Like a magic spell that doesnt
get undone even after the good bye.
a hint of bitterness
The flavor of life

Hana Yori Dango @ Boys Over Flowers (F4)

(From top to bottom: manga Hana Yori Dango, Taiwan Meteor Garden, Japanese Hana Yori Dango, Korean Boys Over Flowers)
Tontonan drama bersiri Jepun Hana Yori Dango musim 1 & 2 + filem 2008 selesai! Soundtrack yang digunakan pun menarik, dan ada sedikit pengaruh Harry Potter dan Final Fantasy! Percintaan yang memang menyentuh perasaan. Sekarang nak cari DVD Meteor Garden musim 1 & 2. Jalan ceritanya memang evergreen, tak pernah bosan menonton walaupun sudah tiga adaptasi dari komik yang mula-mula keluar pada Oktober 1992 hinggalah September 2003. Part yang paling aku takut tengok dalam Hana Yori Dango ialah sewaktu Hanazawa Rui marah Makino Tsukushi sebab merayu sampai berlutut dengan Toudou Shizuka supaya jangan balik ke Perancis. Takut tengok orang yang selalunya tenang tiba-tiba marah. Huhu! Part paling menyentuh hati... banyak sangat! I vote Hana Yori Dango over Meteor Garden and Boys Over Flowers for the best TV adaptation of the manga! After watching Hana Yori Dango, I felt like the Korean version are too cheesy and mushy. Hehe

Listen: Letto - Lubang di Hati

Sudah lama aku mendengar lagu ini, sebelum ini kerana tertarik dengan tata muziknya yang sangat indah dan alunan iramanya yang mengasyikkan. Namun baru pagi ini aku dapat menghayati liriknya yang penuh bermakna dan memberi inspirasi. Bagaikan ada kaitan dengan kehidupanku.
"Ku buka mata dan ku lihat dunia. Telah ku terima anugerah dunia. Tak pernah aku menyesali yang ku punya. Tapi ku sadari ada lubang di hati. Ku cari sesuatu yang mampu mengisi lubang ini. Ku menanti jawapan apa yang dikatakan hati. Apakah itu kamu. Apakah itu dia. Selama ini ku cari tanpa henti. Apakah itu cinta. Apakah itu cita. Yang mampu melengkapi lubang di dalam hati. Ku mengira hanya dialah obatnya. Tapi ku sadari bukan itu yang kucari. Ku teruskan perjalanan panjang yang begitu melelahkan. Dan ku yakin kau tak ingin aku berhenti."

Latest On The Sims 3

What's more to bring happiness to your life than getting the latest news on The Sims 3! Besides the fully customization, easier exchange, continous neighbourhood; you can involve in public events such as music concerts, movie premieres, pool parties, barbecues, sporting events, outdoor fishing, attending a public protest at SimCity Hall. There's also more interactivity such as you can drag and drop the garbage item into the trash to help your sims clean their house. You can actually read the newspaper and get updates about the other sims in the town...see who moved in, who aged up, who had a birthday, who died, who married... This is totally The Sims game I've been waiting for, a living world just like my most favourite space game Space Ranger! And also, the game will create new sims to replace losses.

The full and complete list of the 65 traits in The Sims 3: absent-minded, ambitious, angler, artistic, athletic, bookworm, brave, can't stand art, charismatic, childish, clumsy, commitment issues, computer whiz, couch potato, coward, daredevil, dislikes children, easily impressed, evil, excitable, family-oriented, flirty, friendly, frugal, genius, good, good sense of humor, great kisser, green thumb, grumpy, handy, hates the outdoors, heavy sleeper, hopeless romantic, hot-headed, hydrophobic, inappropriate, insane, kleptomaniac, light sleeper, loner, loser, loves the outdoors, lucky, mean spirited, mooch, natural cook, neat, neurotic, never nude (yes, from Arrested Development), no sense of humor, over-emotional, party animal, perfectionist, schmoozer, slob, snob, technophobe, unflirty, unlucky, vegetarian, virtuoso, and workaholic.

The full list of the game's 32 lifetime wishes: professional author, world-renowned surgeon, become a superstar athlete, CEO of a megacorporation, hit movie composer, heartbreaker, rock star, the tinkerer, become a master thief, forensic specialist: dynamic DNA profiler, become an astronaut, master of the arts, perfect mind/perfect body, gold digger, star news anchor, living in the lap of luxury, jack of all trades, surrounded by family, renaissance sim, chess legend, the culinary librarian, golden tongue/golden fingers, international super spy, super popular, presenting the perfect private aquarium, celebrated five-star chef, illustrious author, swimming in cash, the perfect garden, leader of the free world, the emperor, and become a creature-robot cross-breeder.

Play: Dokapon Kingdom on PS2

Dokapon Kingdom is one of the last games to embrace the ageing Playstation 2 console system. and one of the best too. It is a combination of two genres, party game like Mario Party and RPG like Final Fantasy, meant to be enjoyed with up to three friends. There are three modes to choose from; Story Mode (travel around Dokapon Kingdom, clearing various challenges with human/CPU opponent), Normal Mode (choose how many weeks to play and whoever has the most money at the end wins) and Battle Royale. Battle Royale has three options, Town Race (first to liberate a certain town wins), Kill Race (whoever defeats the other player a certain number of times wins) or Shopping Race (the first to bring a specified item back to Dokapon Castle wins).
The game map consists of seven continents, which similary represents Asia, Australia, Artic, Europe, Africa, South & North America respectively. You start out as either Warrior, Magician or Thief and will unlock more job as you mastered each job. Like Mario Party, in each turn you spin a virtual six-digit spinner that will decide how many step you can go across the board-game-style overmap. Your goal is to earn more money than anyone else. You have to compete with each other to liberate towns from monsters and in return you will get the town and collect taxes from them, similar to Monopoly games.
Blank tile will let you fight various monsters using turn-based combats. At first, you need to choose between two flipped cards to decide who starts first. Then there are four options to choose, attack/defense, strike/counter, magic attack/defense or using battle skills. Winning will give you experience points to level up, items or equipments. As you level up, you can increase your stats, Attack (AK), Defense (DF), Magic (MG), Speed (SP) or Hitpoints (HP).

Besides, you will also meet colourful and interesting characters like Roche who will challenge you to play roshambo (rock-scissor-paper mini game), Weber the Trickster who will give you dangerous stuffs (Contract that can turns you into a Darkling - especially when you feel like you are hopelessly falling behind in the game, Blackmail that invites Reaper to kill those who have it and Neuroglycerin), Tax Collector Musashi that collects taxes for you for 20% fee, Mitch Digger the Mole that can upgrade your city, Kira the Merchant, Beggar Man who is actually Goddess of Generosity in disguise, the Blacksmith, Robo-Sassins that can be hired to kill your opponent, Risque the Bandit that can steal item/money/equipment from your friend, Dr Exiles that can cure you of negative effects but in return demands high payment.

You can visit temples (which can be your starting point if you die unexpectedly), Magic Store, item Store, Weapon Store, and dungeons. The King of Dokapon Kingdom and her princess will also update you from time to time with breaking news like Shopping Fair, Chimpys Loose, Wabbit Loose, Good Harvest, Town Strikes, Paid Holidays.

The game also let you fight your own friends and humiliate them by robbing their things, play prank on them, mark their face, change their haircut, change their name or just plainly forgive them. And if your friend do something bad like trying to rob stores, you can get bounty if you kill them. Using unique items, you can also steal your friend's identity and collect their town's taxes (Cunning Disguise), or send bad item to the King using their name, get abducted by UFO and increase/decrease your stats. You'll love lots of quirky humors in the game.

p/s: Dont' miss Dokapon Journey for Nintendo DS! For more info on Dokapon Kingdom, visit its official website:

Watch: Australia

Australia is a beautiful movie to watch, with many scenic and panoramic shots. Though too many long shots and zooming in were used in the film, nevertheless it's still a breath-taking movie. It's a little bit like documentary or tourism video clip and long duration 2 1/2 hours means a lot of concentration needed to watch it. It is action-packed, full of heart-warming scenes and lots of unforgetful deaths and aboriginal magic involved. Death counts: 1) Lord Maitland Ashley (Nicole Kidman's husband), killed by the antagonist in the movie, Neil Fletcher. 2) Nullah's mother, Daisy died in the water tank while hiding with her son from the Coppers who want to capture him and give him up to the church. Nullah later became Sarah's adopted son (Nicole's character in the movie). 3) Kipling Flynn, the accountant of Faraway Downs, killed during the cattle stampede and his last words was "Run, boy, run!" to Nullah. 4) King Carney killed by his son-in-law Neil Fletcher, pushed to the river and attacked by crocs (This death was told in a sequence of newspaper cuttings and flashback) 5) Cath, King Carney's daughter and Neil Fletcher's wife, killed in Japanese bombing when she exchanged her duty at the HQ with Sarah so she can meet Nullah. 6) Hugh Jackman's ex-brother-in-law, during which they tried to save the half-caste children taken by the church to a mission island from the Japs. 7) And the last one would be the death of the antagonist himself, killed by Nullah's grandfather when he tried to kill Nullah. The first part of the movie concentrated on Sarah (Nicole) and Drover (Hugh) working together to drove cattles from Faraway Downs to Darwin for army livestock. The second part is surviving the Japanese attack. And there's a lot of reference to The Wizard of Oz film, the use of "Over the Rainbow" song and the classic movie itself. All in all, you will remember the movie for its action-packed and heart-warming elements.

p/s: Thanks to an anonymous reader who alerted me to another three deaths that I missed in the first draft. Thanks!