Play: Dokapon Kingdom on PS2

Dokapon Kingdom is one of the last games to embrace the ageing Playstation 2 console system. and one of the best too. It is a combination of two genres, party game like Mario Party and RPG like Final Fantasy, meant to be enjoyed with up to three friends. There are three modes to choose from; Story Mode (travel around Dokapon Kingdom, clearing various challenges with human/CPU opponent), Normal Mode (choose how many weeks to play and whoever has the most money at the end wins) and Battle Royale. Battle Royale has three options, Town Race (first to liberate a certain town wins), Kill Race (whoever defeats the other player a certain number of times wins) or Shopping Race (the first to bring a specified item back to Dokapon Castle wins).
The game map consists of seven continents, which similary represents Asia, Australia, Artic, Europe, Africa, South & North America respectively. You start out as either Warrior, Magician or Thief and will unlock more job as you mastered each job. Like Mario Party, in each turn you spin a virtual six-digit spinner that will decide how many step you can go across the board-game-style overmap. Your goal is to earn more money than anyone else. You have to compete with each other to liberate towns from monsters and in return you will get the town and collect taxes from them, similar to Monopoly games.
Blank tile will let you fight various monsters using turn-based combats. At first, you need to choose between two flipped cards to decide who starts first. Then there are four options to choose, attack/defense, strike/counter, magic attack/defense or using battle skills. Winning will give you experience points to level up, items or equipments. As you level up, you can increase your stats, Attack (AK), Defense (DF), Magic (MG), Speed (SP) or Hitpoints (HP).

Besides, you will also meet colourful and interesting characters like Roche who will challenge you to play roshambo (rock-scissor-paper mini game), Weber the Trickster who will give you dangerous stuffs (Contract that can turns you into a Darkling - especially when you feel like you are hopelessly falling behind in the game, Blackmail that invites Reaper to kill those who have it and Neuroglycerin), Tax Collector Musashi that collects taxes for you for 20% fee, Mitch Digger the Mole that can upgrade your city, Kira the Merchant, Beggar Man who is actually Goddess of Generosity in disguise, the Blacksmith, Robo-Sassins that can be hired to kill your opponent, Risque the Bandit that can steal item/money/equipment from your friend, Dr Exiles that can cure you of negative effects but in return demands high payment.

You can visit temples (which can be your starting point if you die unexpectedly), Magic Store, item Store, Weapon Store, and dungeons. The King of Dokapon Kingdom and her princess will also update you from time to time with breaking news like Shopping Fair, Chimpys Loose, Wabbit Loose, Good Harvest, Town Strikes, Paid Holidays.

The game also let you fight your own friends and humiliate them by robbing their things, play prank on them, mark their face, change their haircut, change their name or just plainly forgive them. And if your friend do something bad like trying to rob stores, you can get bounty if you kill them. Using unique items, you can also steal your friend's identity and collect their town's taxes (Cunning Disguise), or send bad item to the King using their name, get abducted by UFO and increase/decrease your stats. You'll love lots of quirky humors in the game.

p/s: Dont' miss Dokapon Journey for Nintendo DS! For more info on Dokapon Kingdom, visit its official website: