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Wacky. Strange. Ironic. Chaotic. Weird. Absurd. Bizarre. Japanese. Funky. Unique. Ridiculous. Insane. These are the words describing WTF gameplay and presentation. WTF aka Work Time Fun (Or Baito Hell 2000 in Japan) is a collection of super crazy minigames that seriously will make your brain bleeding like hell. The gameplay is easy, you are to go to the placement office to find any available temporary jobs (minigames) and get paycheck for playing them, you don't need to finish them if you don't want to, they are not meant to be finished anyway. Each of the minigames' interface are easy; there are start button, the "how to play" button and exit button; as simple as that. The money you got from the minigames then can be used to buy stuff from the vending machines; either you'll get collectible trinkets, unlock more minigames or get exclusive tools which can be used in "real world" such as Ramen Timer, Matchmaker, Handy Light, Restaurant Bill Splitter, Eye Spy; most of the tools are not seriously usable but are there just for pure entertainment to mess around with. Some of the minigames will let you go "WTF?" but after a while, you''ll get used to all the craziness it throws you into and you will start picking your favourites and get addicted playing them. The minigames will require you to pay more attention on the details and make you more alert to your surroundings. If you are playing WTF in public, make sure you don't scream or shout too loud, because some of the minigames are just plainly horrific, grotesque and gruesome, while some are just so gross and dirty. And if you are a completist, after getting so many crazy trinkets that you don't really intend to collect at first, you will develop a kind of addiction to get all the trinkets from the vending machine. Even more, from time to time, you will get e-mails from your so-called "colleagues". Some of them are laughable and down-to-earth funny. You will also earn titles for achieving something high, or even low. There are also multiplayer options; for item exchange, outsourcing or challenge the other players into another round of crazy minigame such as Lumberjack Challenge. All in all, if you have freetime, kill it with WTF and shout out loud "WTF?"!

Baseball Superstar - Catch baseballs. Very easy to get into, and a fun game. Too bad it pays so little. 
Pendemonium - One of the worst "games" in this collection. You put caps on pens... goes on forever, and is simply "work." Pays very well. (IMHO, I don't think this as the worst game at all. This is the game if you want to just simply be a factory worker and get paid doing simple task) 
Mushroom Xing - A game where you must cross the street, avoiding cars. Sounds sorta like Frogger. Pays well. 
Traffic Counter - Count the number of people that walk by. Easy to understand, fun, and pays incredibly well. The game interface reminds me of Doom.  
Lumberjack - Chop wood, but watch out for animals. Still feels like "work" and doesn't pay well. (One of the game which will make you scream for its gruesome visual) 
Chick Sorting - Determine if a chicken is male or female, and then sort them. Awful, boring game that feels like "work." Does not pay well. (Made your mind numb by playing it but you'll miss the chick's cutesy) 
Three Count - One of the few games that'll take less than 30 seconds. Try to get as close to 3 as you can. Pays very little. 
Cliff Race 2000 - Play chicken against a rival car. Takes less than a minute, and gives you a ton of cash. Awesome. 
Bishop's Game - Avoid stabbing yourself in the hand. Amusing in short bursts. Pays very little. (I get addicted playing this one) 
Animal Investigation Corps - Do addition, get paid. Very short game, and pays decently. (Brush up your calculating skill)
Copycat - It's SIMON, but very, very, very long. Does not pay well. (And gross as well) 
Private Number - Try to guess a girl's phone number. Easy, and pays decently.

Tip: If you want to make money quickly, these are the games that you should play: Counter, Cliff Race 2000, Hell Pottery, The Net (annoying), Private Number Deluxe, Ghost Psychic (say yes to everything)

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