Redang: One On One

1) One word to describe my latest invasion to Redang: "Unreal". At first, I don't really intend to continue with the trip but after a while, I just go with the flow. The trip is like walking in my dream, without waking up to the real world, until, I get back online.
2) One new hobby to conquer: Snorkelling. Though the fishes and reefs are nothing new, but to relieve such stress just by looking at them and floating in the great blue-green sea are pure bliss.
3) One new clubbing experience: Dancing Macarena routine in group. Simple, yet a group-bonding dance to kill.
4) One shirtless skinny boy dancing on the dancefloor and flamboyantly prancing on the beach under the stars: That's ME!
5) One island to miss: Redang!

Next stop: Tioman Island!


  1. letup...danco on dancefloor with shirtless lagik.x menahan!!

  2. memang tak menahan kan abang awak sorang ni menari tak hengat dunia bukak baju da la badan kalah kerengga. ahahah! tapi once in a lifetime kan lagipun on beach itself so it's a guilty pleasure! lalalal...