Watch: Australia

Australia is a beautiful movie to watch, with many scenic and panoramic shots. Though too many long shots and zooming in were used in the film, nevertheless it's still a breath-taking movie. It's a little bit like documentary or tourism video clip and long duration 2 1/2 hours means a lot of concentration needed to watch it. It is action-packed, full of heart-warming scenes and lots of unforgetful deaths and aboriginal magic involved. Death counts: 1) Lord Maitland Ashley (Nicole Kidman's husband), killed by the antagonist in the movie, Neil Fletcher. 2) Nullah's mother, Daisy died in the water tank while hiding with her son from the Coppers who want to capture him and give him up to the church. Nullah later became Sarah's adopted son (Nicole's character in the movie). 3) Kipling Flynn, the accountant of Faraway Downs, killed during the cattle stampede and his last words was "Run, boy, run!" to Nullah. 4) King Carney killed by his son-in-law Neil Fletcher, pushed to the river and attacked by crocs (This death was told in a sequence of newspaper cuttings and flashback) 5) Cath, King Carney's daughter and Neil Fletcher's wife, killed in Japanese bombing when she exchanged her duty at the HQ with Sarah so she can meet Nullah. 6) Hugh Jackman's ex-brother-in-law, during which they tried to save the half-caste children taken by the church to a mission island from the Japs. 7) And the last one would be the death of the antagonist himself, killed by Nullah's grandfather when he tried to kill Nullah. The first part of the movie concentrated on Sarah (Nicole) and Drover (Hugh) working together to drove cattles from Faraway Downs to Darwin for army livestock. The second part is surviving the Japanese attack. And there's a lot of reference to The Wizard of Oz film, the use of "Over the Rainbow" song and the classic movie itself. All in all, you will remember the movie for its action-packed and heart-warming elements.

p/s: Thanks to an anonymous reader who alerted me to another three deaths that I missed in the first draft. Thanks!


  1. There were three more deaths that you missed:

    - Kipling Flynn, the bookkeeper of Lady Sarah Ashley, was killed during the cattle stampede.

    - The cattle baron, King Carney, was hit by his son-in-law to be Neil Fletcher and pushed to the river to be attacked by a crocodile.

    - The young wife of Neil Fletcher was killed when the Japanese dropped a bomb at the volunteers HQ when she was on duty.

  2. Thanks anonymous! How could I be so forgetful!