Watch: Confessions of a Shopaholic

Am I a shopaholic?

Watching Confessions of a Shopaholic with my fellow shopaholic friends together really escalate the wondrous emotional journey throughout the movie. In time of economy crisis as we are in now, that caused by those who spend out of their limit, this movie certainly came out at the right hour, in order to educate those who always over budget, in a very stylish style. There will never be a dull moment in between friendship, family, love, and of course, shopping, you'll laugh and cry with every memorable challenges Rebecca Bloomwood experienced. One thing that will remain in your mind after watching this movie, that everytime you passed by the mannequins in shopping complex, you will imagine them talking to you! My, my.
So, getting back to the very first question, am I a shopaholic? Does buying matching sneaker and cap the other day to pair with my latest funky graphical punk t-shirt collection approved me as one? I think not. I still have self control over what I buy. However, I do agree that I am certainly a "kaki borong". Once I found a shop that sell quality goods such as DVDs or apparels with affordable price tag to boot with, I will buy as much as I can from that same shop at the same time. But after I'm home from that fun-filling shopping spree, I will feel regret for buying things in redundant without really thinking it thoroughly. This happened all the time.
(see that Nintendo Wii sitting majestically on its pedestal!)

In the mean time, I have bought myself a Nintendo Wii for my upcoming birthday! And I can still remember feeling like an over-excited otaku hugging his new baby on the way back home. Feast your eyes with the latest picture of my latest acquisition, Nintendo Wii! Plus, 18 new games to maximise the console potential! (Wii Sports, Wii Music, Super Mario Galaxy, Super Paper Mario, Mario Kart, Mario Strikers Charged, Mario Party 8, WarioWare Smooth Moves, Wario Land Shake It!, The Legend of Zelda Twilight Princess, Metroid Primes Corruption, Animal Crossing City Folk, Cooking Mama World Kitchen, Big Brain Academy Wii Degree, Rayman Raving Rabbids TV Party, No More Heroes, Zack & Wiki Quest for Barbados' Treasure, Ultimate Band) However, there is only one game that I still couldn't find anywhere, and it is in my top wish list, that is Super Smash Brawl! Also in my wish list, Bloom Blox, de Blob and Deadly Creatures.

p/s: Coming soon - Nintendo DSi!!!


  1. Pop Quiz Time!

    Cuba teka apa sahaja benda yang anda boleh perhatikan di dalam gambar my Media Entertainment Hub Center? Siapa teka paling banyak dan tepat menang! Wakakaka! Ada berani?

  2. pc,tv,new wii,dvd player,ps2 ada lagik ke kat situ?haha...rasanya mcm tu je kot.

  3. ape ye?
    ok bermula dari sudut bawah kiri... tu macam beg Wii...lepas tu sebelahnya setakat wayar2,kotak tisu dan air zapple?bawah kabinet tv ada wii, sebelah console tu ada joystick a.k.a controller utk wii...mic,dvd player ps2 sebab i nmpk ada controller ps2.biru ngn ungu tu collection dvd,cd u...atas sblh kiri adalah TV (29"?)warna merah sebelah tv ada torchlight LED yang sgt berguna kala blackout.kanan pic ada kerusi,kat meja comp ada u nye cpu kaler hijau,sblh tu ada sub wooferkat tempat keyboard ada external hard drive 3.5" sebelah tu ada bkas dvd bulat (happy feet ke?)sebelah tu tak nampak maybe psp or unye HP nokia n96,atas meja ada keyboard putih (logitech?),samsung LCD screen gn speaker kaler hitam....

    that's all yg i nmpk n i can guess off.... u da beli nintendo ds ke?

  4. nintendo ds belom lagi...WAH, jawapan ni macam da complete da rasanya... i pun kena cek satu2 sebab takde skema jawapan! hakhakhak!

  5. wah semua betul tapi tertinggal satu...sebelah psp tu ade wallet! kahkahkah...

  6. modem broadband atas cpu lagik! yang lain2... mah-velous, mah-velous!

  7. haha...baru nampak ada modem...seceot je kaler putih atas cpu tu.i xnmpk u nye wallet plak...

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