Watch: Dragonball Revolution & Street Fighter Legend of Chun-Li Round-Up

One is an adaptation from a popular Japanese manga and the other is based on a character from one of the most popular fighting video game. From the very first time I heard about both movies were in the making, I've already known that these two movies are never going to meet the standard of their predecessors and the truth is, they are.
Street Fighter: Legend of Chun-Li focused on the most celebrated star in the Street Fighter series. The very first thing that really tickled me is how on earth could Kristian Kreuk starred as the Chinese Chun-Li? She's not a Chinese and even though she tried very hard to speak like one, she is doomed to fail as Chun-Li. I blamed this on the director. Shame on you. The actors and actresses, including the extras, all failed to give believable acting. Again, stupid director. Not mentioning the storyline and the script, they all made you go "WTF?". Mistakes on some of the scenes are so visible it makes the movie plainly stupid. If there is only one thing that really stands out in this film, it would be the stunt choreography. The stunts are all impressive and really show the ability of Chun-Li. At the end of the movie, it does give a hint/clue of which Street Fighter character will be put to the silver screen sequel and the name is Ryu. I just hope that the sequel will be treated by another director.
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  1. Hehe, bukan kristian kreuklah. It's kristine kreuk ye!

  2. hahaha, nak betulkan orang, spelling masih salah ye adik2. it's kristin kreuk, without e or a! hikhik

  3. o ok... wateva
    btw, min bunyi phonetic masih tak lari... ko punya terpelentong jauh ok....

  4. maaf ye adik2, kristin kreuk itu nama dutch, jadi phoneticnya tidak sama seperti sebutan english mahupun melayu... hehe..kena... ibunya pun cina indonesia jadi ejaan harus tepat tanpa e ye...

  5. hahaha
    i like this it so much
    n u know what,
    after watching this movie,i really want to go to HK and Bangkok

    oh,i know she's not chinese enough to play as Chun Li
    but i think it's a good try (at least she's trying)
    just wonder why they don't use real chinese e.g shu qi, Zhang Ziyi

    i like this movie because....kristin kreuk is pretty
    hahaha, sama gak ngn dragon ball
    sbb goku tuh macho giler
    hmm...sgt diskriminasi rupa kn

  6. quote "to discriminate only generate hates" hehe