Play: Pet Society Review

Pros: Animal Crossing clone (a Nintendo game) for facebook, you are able to play along with your friends and compete with them for the highest level and the best room designs, many collectible things like luxury goods, clothes (shirts, shoes, pants, arm), furnitures and gadgets, and they are being updated regularly, trophies for various achievements, hurdle race at stadium is a great mini-game  

Cons: Repetitive tasks, boring background music, only one mini-game, regular connectivity problem

BTW, after a long 3-days delay for the first ranking battle in No More Heroes (all for the sake of Pet Society), I finally nailed it! But it seems that I need to play the game for the second time to view the "real ending" in which, if I read the spoiler correctly, will reveal who Henry is to Travis Touchdown, and what happened to Silvia Christel. The game is really good at laughing to itself.

Pet Society Wish List

from left to right: moorish lantern, exotic teapot, moroccan tea table, aladdin oil lamp, big golden bracelet, golden fan decoration, royal wardrobe, royal dressing mirror (not in picture), royal bed, old clock, luxurious armchair, luxurious couch, ornate door, and stylist makeover for ears and ruby forehead.

Play: Pet Society on Facebook

Kaizar the Pet started his new life in Pet Society on 22nd April 2009! Three days after that Kaizar the Pet has successfully reached level 27 and still climbing the ladder to become on top! The key to its success is by exchanging luxurious gifts with friends. Its daily routine starts at 8 o'clock every morning, visiting all the friends it has; having many friends who play Pet Society together is an advantage. Kaizar the Pet will also compete other pets at the Stadium in Hurdle Race. Wish me luck for the long journey to level 47!

Play: Rollercoaster Tycoon 3 End Note

It began on 5th March 2009, I took the quest to become the tycoon of all tycoons for all the challenges in the third installment of Rollercoaster Tycoon, including the main game and the two expansions, Soaked & Wild. I'm happy to report that I've finished the quest on 22nd April at 4.30am. These three screenshots are the proofs that I've mastered all the challenges. And now that I've got mixed feeling. Sad that my long, sweet ride in Rollercoaster Tycoon has finally ended, but at the same feeling relieved that all is over and happy that I've conquered the game! Yatta!

Play: No More Heroes on Wii First Impression

Wow! I bought this game out of recommendation from various game magazines and websites. Little did I know that the moment I boot this game into my console, it would amaze me with its artistic direction, engaging gameplay, unique characters and wonderful story. Words like "marvelous" and "awesome" is not enough to describe how I felt playing this game for the very first time. The first thing that struck me to its solid state is the great graphic direction. Though Wii doesn't have the graphical powerhouse unlike PS3 or XBox 360, this game certainly utilizes Wii to its fullest potential in term of graphic direction with the cel-shaded anime-like suited with its overall theme. This game also silenced those who claimed that Wii is only a console for kids. It has all the gory details, uncensored curses and sex exploitation as much as a game allowed. The tutorial is a bit longer and unnecessary at times (you can skip the tutorial if you want) but the moment you slash your enemies using your sword, the experience is a blast. You use Z button to lock to enemies, and A to slash them. A very refreshing idea is recharging your beam katana by pushing button 1 and shake the Wiimote. At times Wiimote also simulated as Travis' handphone.

The main mission is to be the number one assassin, as simple as that. The game thrusts you straight into the heat of the action. After killing the number 10 assassin, you will be brought to your motel room. You can customise Travis Touchdown, watch trailers, feed your cat named Jeane, check your trading cards collection, as such. You'll fall in love with the characters as they really have the personality in each of them. No More Heroes borrowed reference heavily from game such as Grand Theft Auto series and Kill Bill movies. Besides, there are side jobs to do for extra cash. All in all, if you have a Nintendo Wii, this is the game to play. And for those who doesn't have Wii, get one. You'll surely don't want to miss out this great game.

Happy Birthday ME!

Thanks to all of you who came. Thanks to Zakri for arranging the party and guests. Thanks to Khaliff Faid for the cooking. Thanks Along, Jojie, Zino, Bella, Afiq, Shah, Wes, Edy, Hamz, Mac, Apit, Riezal, Syed, Khamrul and those whose names I forgot to include here, thanks for all the fun and you all are the best! Special congratulation to Afiq for being the ultimate winner that night! A-RI-GA-TO!

Play: Wii Sports, Mario Kart Wii and Warioware Smooth Moves

The very first time I set my eye on Wii, Wii Sports is the game that I want to play, not only because it is bundled together with the console system, but also because it is the game that really show off the potential out of Wiimote motion sensor. This the reason I bought second Wiimote too. Playing tennis, golf, bowling, boxing and baseball with family for the first time could be best described in one word, "AWESOME"! Thus, this game alone has justified me purchasing Wii. (Next justification: Should I buy these accessories or are they just simply unnecessary?)
Right after playing Wii Sports, next I want to know what it feels to drive using Wiimote. Thus, the second game, Mario Kart Wii. Yet this is not the first time I played Mario Kart. It has been one of the best driving game I've ever played, if it ever categorized as one. I've played the NES, SNES, GBA and N64 version (A little confession though, I played the emulations on PC. Hihi). And Wii version is the best so far. Tracks from previous versions are included, and how reminiscing it was to drive the same road you've been before, with better looking environment. This include tracks from DS and GCN. Unlockable characters (my favourite character is of course, Wario with his twisted personality! He is just so me!), karts, bikes, four-courses tournament absolutely make the game addictive from the very beginning. What's more, playing it using wireless Wiimote certainly beat the hell out of any other driving games out there. One thing for sure that differentiate Mario Kart from the rest are the ever glorious power-ups. It's seriously fun to be mischievous to your competitors! (Second purchasing justification to make: How about buying that Wii Wheel?)
Last but not least, the game that started all minigames craze, none other than, WarioWare: Smooth Moves! As you play along, you unlocked different locations, colourful characters, crazy minigames and various moves to handle your Wiimote. And each minigame could very well give birth to a new full-fledged Wii game I dare say. This is yet the best WarioWare version to play, and also the only game you need to feed your hunger for minigames mania!
All in all, my first venture with Nintendo Wii is a successful one, if not, the greatest investment I've done so far. Wish me luck for more Wii action and adventure I would take in the future!

1. Next must-have purchases: Nintendo DSi ( Nintendogs, Animal Crossing & Pokemon Platinum on DS!), Super Smash Brawl.
2. Next undertakings: The Legend of Zelda: Twilight Princess, Metroid Primes: Corruption, Super Mario Galaxy, Mario Strikers Charged, Mario Party 8, Super Paper Mario, Animal Crossing City Folk, NoMore Heroes, Zack & Wiki
3. I love how Nintendo named their first-party games; from Mario, Wario, Zelda, Metroid Prime & Pokemon! Simple yet catchy!