Play: No More Heroes on Wii First Impression

Wow! I bought this game out of recommendation from various game magazines and websites. Little did I know that the moment I boot this game into my console, it would amaze me with its artistic direction, engaging gameplay, unique characters and wonderful story. Words like "marvelous" and "awesome" is not enough to describe how I felt playing this game for the very first time. The first thing that struck me to its solid state is the great graphic direction. Though Wii doesn't have the graphical powerhouse unlike PS3 or XBox 360, this game certainly utilizes Wii to its fullest potential in term of graphic direction with the cel-shaded anime-like suited with its overall theme. This game also silenced those who claimed that Wii is only a console for kids. It has all the gory details, uncensored curses and sex exploitation as much as a game allowed. The tutorial is a bit longer and unnecessary at times (you can skip the tutorial if you want) but the moment you slash your enemies using your sword, the experience is a blast. You use Z button to lock to enemies, and A to slash them. A very refreshing idea is recharging your beam katana by pushing button 1 and shake the Wiimote. At times Wiimote also simulated as Travis' handphone.

The main mission is to be the number one assassin, as simple as that. The game thrusts you straight into the heat of the action. After killing the number 10 assassin, you will be brought to your motel room. You can customise Travis Touchdown, watch trailers, feed your cat named Jeane, check your trading cards collection, as such. You'll fall in love with the characters as they really have the personality in each of them. No More Heroes borrowed reference heavily from game such as Grand Theft Auto series and Kill Bill movies. Besides, there are side jobs to do for extra cash. All in all, if you have a Nintendo Wii, this is the game to play. And for those who doesn't have Wii, get one. You'll surely don't want to miss out this great game.

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