Play: Pet Society Review

Pros: Animal Crossing clone (a Nintendo game) for facebook, you are able to play along with your friends and compete with them for the highest level and the best room designs, many collectible things like luxury goods, clothes (shirts, shoes, pants, arm), furnitures and gadgets, and they are being updated regularly, trophies for various achievements, hurdle race at stadium is a great mini-game  

Cons: Repetitive tasks, boring background music, only one mini-game, regular connectivity problem

BTW, after a long 3-days delay for the first ranking battle in No More Heroes (all for the sake of Pet Society), I finally nailed it! But it seems that I need to play the game for the second time to view the "real ending" in which, if I read the spoiler correctly, will reveal who Henry is to Travis Touchdown, and what happened to Silvia Christel. The game is really good at laughing to itself.

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