Watch: Coraline

As the above posters suggest, "An Adventure Too Weird For Words" & "Be Careful What You Wish For", Coraline is something that everyone just have to experience at least once in their lifetime. It's like Alice in Wonderland but in a strange, creepy, scary, frightening, horrifying, terrifying, eerie, darker and (add your own adjectives here) surreal world. The soundtrack is amazing too, by Bruno Coulais who did soundtrack for Les Choristes as well. Like The Nightmare Before Christmas also from the same producer, it's a stop-motion animation adapted from a book with the same title by Neil Gaiman. 

Coraline has just moved into Pink Palace Apartments with her busy bee parent. Their neighbours are the amazing retired circus performer Mr Bobinsky, the pair of retired theatre actresses April Spink & Miriam Forcible and the talkative Wyborne who lived with his grandmother, who owns the Pink Palace Apartment. Coraline found a small door hidden behind the wallpaper of her apartment that leads her to another world with better version of her parents and neighbours, but buttons for their eyes. With the help of a talking cat, she found out that her "other" mother is actually an evil beldam (mechanical spider?) who wants to sew buttons to her eyes and keep her in the world forever. She found out about the other three ghost children who are the previous victims of the beldam. When her parents went missing, she challenged the beldam into a game and along the way help the three ghost children to set their souls free by finding their eyes.

To listen to the sample of the fabulous soundtrack, click HERE or download them HERE
For more info on the movie, click HERE

(Added on June 1st after second time watching Coraline) I wonder what actually is the black cat?

My PunkBerry Shirts Collection

Tak tau dari mana brand PunkBerry ni tetibe aku suke plak dengan graphic t-shirts. Lain dari yang lain. Yang belah kiri sekali tu hadiah hari jadi dari Jojie. :) More designs HERE

My Levi's Watch Clones :)

Sangat-sangat-sangat menyelerakan!
Check out the other Levi's inspired watches HERE 

Play: Guitar Hero on Nintendo DS

Yeay, I've made the right choice not to buy Nintendo DSi but bought Nintendo DS Lite instead. Not only there's a huge difference in pricing, the GBA slot is certainly useful for my Guitar Hero controller. Though currently there are only two Guitar Hero games for Nintendo DS, Guitar Hero: On Tour and Guitar Hero: On Tour - Decades, but both of them are totally enjoyable and addictively fun, filled with many incredible features and creative modes. The third Guitar Hero game for Nintendo DS, Modern Hits will be released on June 9. I never can get enough of Guitar Hero! From its humble beginning on Playstation 2 to handheld Nintendo DS, all Guitar Hero games are AWESOME!

Play: More The Sims 3 Details

Impressive Build Mode & Buy Mode Interfaces

Create-A-Style with Materials, 4-Layers & Colors Choices
All-New Detailed Skill Journal with Stats & Challenges
Revamped Lifetime Rewards
Superb Map Tags
Accessible Menu

Play: My First The Sims 3 Screenshot

WOW! WOW! WOW! Today is the first day The Sims 3 released at S&M and I bought it on impulse! After installing it for about 10 minutes with the size of installation 5.5 GB, I played it right away. The loading screen is quite familiar with all new introduction clip. There is only one neighborhood in play that is Sunset Valley. After that I create-a-sim (above picture) and tried my best to make he look exactly like me while looking at a mirror. There's an abundance of choices to make and a robust features this time around and I tried to limit my time as little as possible to enjoy the real meat of the game. After tweaking my sim's look and clothes (the colors and pattern designs choices are totally insane!), I picked 5 traits for my sim and they are: Neurotic, Excitable, Childish, Snob & Computer Whiz! I think that's how I'm gonna define myself in real world! WOW! Next is I get to pick my favourite food: cookies, music: pop (why there is no dance genre?) and color: green! And then the game gave me five choices of lifetime wishes from the combination of the traits and I chose Gold Digger! HAHAHA!

Next is to play the game! From time to time there will be wishes to be fulfilled. And I took my first ride in cab to military base to take my lesson there. There is no more loading screen from my house to the place I wanna go! I can follow the cab without any loading time! WOW! The buy & build modes' interface has been totally revamped and the new ones look totally AWESOME! Then come to the interaction with other sim, I was totally impressed at how much different the interaction is this time. Depending on your choosen traits, there will be special interaction and you can picked and it really defines your personality right away. Other than that, you can switched from sim's view to map view anytime smoothly. One thing for sure, The Sims 3 takes a HUGE LEAP from The Sims 2 and denied those who say there's not much difference between both versions.

Bye for now! Sunset Valley is calling me!

Play: First The Sims 3 Review by PCZone (Scans)

Reviews and hands-on for The Sims 3 are finally emerged! Read first UK review by PCZone HERE. More details from Gamespot HERE. However, I am so dissappointed with the review. Yes, the reviewer gave The Sims 3 a high score, and the review spreaded through six full pages, not that I have anything to dispute about BUT I totally disagree that PCZone let someone who played The Sims game for the first time to write the review. It was written with very little justification, most of the article space is taken by personal ranting and grumbling by the reviewer which sounds totally annoying and over-exaggerated, minimal details made the review dull and uninspired. I demand a re-review! But one point that struck me out of my chair, what about the restricted area that can only be accessed only if you registered the game online? Sniff, sniff. My own little piece of advice to all gamers out there, approach the game without any biases, The Sims is a personal indulgence to be enjoyed at your own pleasure.

Hari Penuh Bermakna Telah Bermula!

Aku sangat happy hari Jumaat ini! Tadi aku bangun dekat-dekat tengahari pastu dari radio kat blog aku aku dengar lagu "Doy" dari Kangen Band. Syiok giler! Sambil2 tu aku menyuapkan roti Oreo yang baru dibuka dari plastiknya dan meneguk abes air F&N Zappel sementara melakukan aktiviti harian melawat semua rakan2 Pet Society. 

Kemudian, aku bersiap gi Kotaraya kol 4 petang. Sampai2 kat Kotaraya aku terus shopping shock sebab diskaun berabes! PC games dijual RM5 for 2 DVDs dan RM10 for 2 DVDs, untuk CD plak RM1 setiap satu, pastu Wii games dah turun dari RM6 ke RM4 setaip satu, game PS2 plak dah jadi RM10 for 5 dari RM10 for 3! Dan aku dapat Wii dance pad almost half price, only RM25! Berabes RM100++ gak lah keluar semata2 untuk games! Proof that happiness doesn't require juta2! Aku rasa aku lah the happiest man ever live on earth today! Dan akhirnya aku dapat juga jumpa klon jam tangan Levi's yang aku suka giler sebab cute dan nampak so trendy sehinggakan aku beli 2 sekaligus, satu merah dan satu putih so bleh sepadankan mengikut tema pakaian dan parti-parti yang dihadiri Alah, RM10 je satu pun. Haha! Siap terjumpa Adam the moderator dalam keghairahan bershopping sakan. Sepanjang perjalanan pulang, aku tersenyum from ear to ear dalam LRT orang2 sebelah-menyebelah tengok semacam je. Kaizar tak kisah!

Dan ketika melihat2 update blog2 member yang lain, singgah sebentar kat blog ajamihashim, membuat aku berteriak sebab terlupa Isetan Sale member's day! Dan satu lagi perkara yang telah terlupakan, niat untuk meneman kawan2 ke Career Fair di PWTC! Jumaat ini memang indah! Nota untuk diri sendiri: Yang pasti, aku akan kembali ke Kotaraya!!!

Selamat Hari Jadi Wesley!

Thanks Wesley for inviting us to your birthday party! We have great fun doing the limbo and playing truth/dare! HAPPY BIRTHDAY & wishing you all the happiness in the world! Nice meeting Rai & Nurul too! Next time we play harder 'eh!

Play: Yet Another Pet Society Ramblings

(A Royal Pharaoh in his subject's home who seems to be so into Indiana Jones movies lately. Visiting my housemate's pet named after his own nickname, Boboy. Keep spreading the love disease y'all. And where did all the flies came from? Oops!!!)
Pet Society is all about hard will and perseverence. Without them, you will abandon the game right after reaching level 25+ because the gameplay is way too repetitive and nothing much to do around. There's nothing much to achieve in Pet Society, and no doubt or argument about it. So where do I get such motivation to keep coming back to Pet Society almost every day and do the same monotonous task of visiting each and every of your friend's pets? Well, for one thing, I always looking forward to see the latest room design for each of their cribs. And of course, paying a visit to your friend's pets is the easiest way to collect money, which will then be used to shop for room decorations. And if all the above matters doesn't satisfy my hunger for more and more, another way to curb my craving for virtual shopping and decorating would always be by playing The Sims 2. How about you fellas? :)

Play: Wandering Willows

(still a long way to go)
Wandering Willows is a simulation/adventure game in line with Harvest Moon + Animal Crossing + MySims gameplay plus more stuff to do. Picking fruit, digging, charming wild animals, gardening, feeding, hatching new animals and buying/selling ingredients/materials at three different stores - Cooking store, Sewing store & Flower store. There are 42 different pets species to incubate and train in pet stable, 42 collars to enhance their stats/attributes, 162 quests to complete across two continents - Grassland & Tropic (I usually skipped the dialogues), 150 clothing patterns to sew, 200 food recipes to cook, various vegetables & flowers to plant (just choose seed, water and harvest). Special achievements include twelve medals/trophies. For complete & detailed walkthrough, click HERE. This game certainly worth a sequel with more depth, and hopefully a home to decorate, fishing, bug catching & life-like NPCs. Whoa! That sounds suspiciously familiar with Animal Crossing. Hehe!

Play: Plants vs Zombies

Another casual game to kill my time! I'm happy!

Play: Space Games

Space Ranger: The first space game that regain my interest to play games once more and never stop after that. I really love the news feature a lot. And the NPCs are like real people. There are so many things to do. The trading aspect is polished to almost-perfect state. Upgrading ship is the fun part of the game with so many technologies to choose from. And good save-game system. Read my review HERE

Freelancer: Great graphic and many easter eggs to discover. Flying your space ship from one point to another feels so right in this game.

Space Empires Starfury: This game gives fully control of your hull and cargo. The graphic is simple and nice. I love the interface. The third space game that I've fully finished after Space Ranger & Freelancer.

Escape Velocity Nova: Really nice 2D games but it's quite hard on someone who wants to play casually.

X3, Space Force Rogue Universe & Parkan 2: I've been trying for ages to crack the gameplay but the steep learning curve keeps avoiding me from these game. Will learn ASAP.

Watch: Star Trek

I love space games, I love Star Trek. I love Spock and I love everything about space. When I was young, my dream is to become a space adventurer and until now, anything about space always fascinate and excite me. This movie is all about the Star Trek universe that have been created with so much details. I also love Sailormoon. :)

Next movies: Transformers 2: Revenge of the Fallen, Terminator Salvation, Night at the Museum 2 Battle of the Smithsonian, Harry Potter & Half Blood Prince, Harry Potter & the Deathly Hallows, Ice Age 3, Angels & Demons, Hannah Montana.
Watched: Dragonball Evolution, Fast & Furious 4, X-Men Origins Wolverine, Race to Witch Mountain, Monsters vs Aliens
To Replay: Space Empires Starfury, Space Ranger, Freelancer, Freespace, Darkstar One, X3, Space Force Rogue Universe, Star Control, Parkan 2, Escape Velocity Nova

To Buy Or Not To Buy, DS Lite or DSi, Now or Wait?

I'm really torn apart about my decision to buy Nintendo DS.

Case 1: Do I really want/need/have to buy Nintendo DS? I already own PS2, PSP and Wii. I also thought of buying PS3 and XBox 360, but because most games for both consoles are also available for PC platform, so it's better for me to just spend the money to upgrade my PC. And even the ability to play Blu-Ray on PS3 doesn't really affect my decision because real Blu-Ray DVDs are expensive & usually come out late after movies are released. Case closed. But it is different with Nintendo DS. The gameplay is totally unique with the existence of touch screen & stylus. Besides, I have a huge library of both Nintendo DS & GBA games that need that specific console to enjoy playing. (Currently I just test them in emulation mode. Fact: I finished all Pokemon games from Blue, Red, Green & Yellow to Gold, Silver & Crystal except Sapphire, Ruby & Emerald so I plan to conquer Diamond, Pearl & Platinum!) Another point is I already have PSP and I still have not finished lots of games. So should I just stick to my PSP first? But inevitably, I think I would buy a Nintendo DS in the future anyway so why not now? Unique games also affect my decision here: Nintendogs, Pokemon, Animal Crossing, Guitar Hero DS, Mario Kart DS, Final Fantasy series, Mario series, Warioware, great RPGs, these are all the games that I really want to get my hands on, perhaps can make their way into my daily routine, and I want to play them on the go.Case 2: If I have decided to buy it anyway, which one should I buy, NDS Lite or NDSi? NDS Lite is cheaper, and support more games & peripherals especially Guitar Hero grip (Which for me is one of important factors that influence me to buy NDSL). However NDSL needs special card for browsing internet and taking photo (Though these points are still debatable because handphone provides better alternative. However, at least when you buy something, you need to buy a complete one. I am such a completist + perfectionist). PLUS, you people need to realise that the purpose for the camera add-on is not solely for snapping pictures, but it is going to be integrated into future gameplay design like motion-sensing control. Though currently only Warioware Snapped! & certain games use that feature (and not really up to what people expected), but the promise for better & greater use is not impossible. Remember back then when people criticize the touch screen feature? Now they have to eat their words back with all great titles using touch screen. NDSi is pricey, but you can browse Internet, take photos & play music, and MOST importantly, play future releases, though it doesn't support GBA slot to put Guitar Hero peripherals. Besides, NDSi has larger screen & faster than NDSL but drains battery life faster due to higher RAM & processor.

Case 3: If I am to go with NDSi (Though it will not support many old games that I plan to play on it), do I have to buy it now or wait again until the price is stable? Currently NDSL costs RM550 - RM660 while NDSi costs RM750 - RM900, about the same price range with Nintendo Wii!

So, if you have any thought & comment about this, do help me by giving me your piece of advice! Thanks in advance!

If there was a conclusion to this blog entry, I would say that, I leaned more towards NDSi. But I would probably give it more time, let the games library that utilise camera gameplay grow larger , the price gets stable and someday the SD card feature would be useful to fully support GBA games. And dare for me to dream, for the Wii/NDSi connectivity, future Nintendo Wii games (which console I already own) would giveaway free mini-games for NDSi! There I say it! Let's campaign for it gamers!

Who Is Haizad Imran?

The Double "A", Aaron Aziz is no longer the only talented import from Singapore anymore. Say "HI" to Haizad Imran - the multi-talented artist who can sing, act and host; while juggling his time being a staff nurse all at the same time, just imagine that already mind-boggled me. Comparing both at acting romantic comedy drama, I prefer Haizad Imran, no doubt about it. Currently I've watched him in 2x5 Dol, Erlin Montel & Zero Downpayment, and he charmed his way on the screen with great sense of humour up to his sleeves. The 26-year-old performer also has many great facial gestures and bring up the mood in each scenes with his own personality and style. I predict that he will be bigger in the future now that his dramas is out in Malaysia. Catch all his dramas in channel Warna on Astro coming your way this June! Read more about him HERE.

10 Things To Do in The Sims 2!

1) Experience all life states - Human, Ghost, Alien, Zombie, Vampire, Servo, Werewolf, PlantSim, Bigfoot, Genie, or Witch.
2) Create all good and evil spells. CLICK HERE for full list.
3) Find maps to secret lots by digging or taking tours on vacation: Pagoda in the Shadows (Takemizu Village) Wise Old Man's home, Mystery Hut (Twikkii Island) Witch Doctor's home, Hidden Burrow (Three Lakes) Bigfoot's home.
4) Get access to all hobbies' lots: Peerless Park (Nature), Will's Garage (Tinkering), Games of Glory (Games), My Muse - Music & Dance Studio (Music & Dance), Aspirational Laboratories (Science), My Muse II - Arts & Crafts Studio (Arts & Crafts), Sue's Secret Kitchen (Cuisine), Platinum Gym (Fitness), Dreamy Fields (Sports), Desirable Discourse (Film & Literature)
5) Unlock secret neighbourhood "The Magical World" by being a witch, Palace of Neverending Light for good witch and Fortress of Eternal Darkness for evil witch.
6) Discover new motives for Sim in different life state: Power (Servo), Water, Love & Sunlight (PlantSim) andChewing & Scratching (Pets)
7) Fulfill Lifetime Want for different Aspiration. CLICK HERE for full list.
8) WooHoo at all these locations: in bed, in a hot tub, in a changing booth, in a car, in a photo booth, in an elevator, in a tent, in a sauna, in a hammock, in a helicopter and in a closet.
9) Get GPA 4.0 in all majors: Art, Biology, Drama, Economics, History, Literature, Mathematics, Philosophy, Physics, Political Science and Psychology.
10) Collect all career rewards. CLICK HERE for the full list.

More The Sims 3 Wonderful Info!

Wowza! I've just found the PERFECT THE SIMS 3 site that cover almost all info and facts about the upcoming game, and the link is HERE. You can sleepover at your Sim friend's house now, resurrect dead Sim by taking their urn to the science lab, you can change the length of a Sim's life, throw funeral party, bury Sim's coffin at Sunset Valley Cemetery, there will be "Mid Life Crisis" event that can turnover your choosen traits, jobs now paid hourly not daily, you can decide how to perform at work (Business as Usual, Work Hard, Take It Easy, Meet Coworkers, Hang Out with Coworkers, Suck Up to Boss, Practice Skill), become business partner with community business and rename the company, fire the staff or use the facilties for free, more talent badges which will be organized in the skill journal (Handiness, Fishing, Writing, Gardening, Logic, Cooking, Guitar along with the established talent badges like Cosmetology, Flower Arranging, Register, Restocking, Robotics, Sales, Toy Making, Pottery & Sewing). 
Hi! I am the Green Plumbob thumbdrive!
Map Tags for Sunset Valley overview
Sunset valley Neighbourhood poster
Let There Be Sims; You Are The Creator!

And I've also found the One Tree Hill episode with The Sims 3 in it. Can't hardly wait to attend my first Sims' music concert, movie premiere, pool party, barbecue, sporting event, outdoor fishing, public protesr at SimCity Hall. Also, be sure to check the details on Traits, Sunset Valley Cemetery ghosts, and Lifetime wishes.


FUCKING AWESOME! Another ONE MONTH to the MOST ANTICIPATED ULTIMATE GOD-GAME OF ALL TIME! (Why am I screaming like hell?) Let There Be Sims - June 2nd! I've downloaded The Sims 3 theme mp3! Download it HERE, you know you want it! At first it sounds like something out of Desperate Housewives' Wisteria Lane then the very familiar music of The Sims! I can even hear the sound of birds chirping, ah, what a GRANDEUR song! I happened to stop by at The Sims 3 official site HERE, and the scrolling flash player is totally GREAT (see picture), revealing how characters in The Sims 3 will totally differentiate from one another. It also reveals how Sunset Valley will look like from first person view. Reading The Sims 3 wiki HERE seriously ignites my anticipation over and over again! It's all in the details that excites me, all Sims live out their life in the neigbourhood simultaneously, the fun features from The Sims 2 remained like young adult life stage, mobile phones, private cars, personal inventories, restaurants, fishing, gardening, jewelry, beaches, toothbrushing and ceiling. And the new & upgraded features are great as well, unique painting, hospitals for pregnant Sims, bicycle riding, career branches, different footwear & headwear, birthmark, color wheel scheme, voice pitches, Create-a-Twin, the freedom to place objects, time syncing, designated building for each jobs, and the abilty to enter neighbours' houses.  I am really eager to see how some of the new features like working overtime or bring work to home feature will work. And haven't you heard about the latest episode of One Tree Hill that begun with their Sims persona? WOW! That's how big the power of The Sims 3 is! Even the screenshot of The Sims 3 game launcher excites me! May June arrives ASAP with the green plumbob! And now for the real question, do I have to upgrade my PC in order to play The Sims 3? :S

In the meantime, I really LURVE reading's top lists! How reminiscing to see one of you favourite game up there and really influence me to play more games!

Selamat Pengantin Baru Kak Yasmin!

Lebih kurang SEPULUH TAHUN juga lah tak ketemu dengan Kak Yasmin akhirnya pada 2 Mei 2009, Kaizar, Shah, Cikgu Maria dan anak-anak buahnya berkesempatan ke majlis perkahwinan Kak Yasmin kat Selekoh, Perak. Perjalanan agak panjang juga melalui Teluk Intan (sempat juga melihat Menara Condong Malaysia buat pertama kali) dan Bidor sebelum sampai kelewatan ke rumah pengantin. Kerusi-kerusi sudah diangkat! Tinggal pengantin dan ibubapanya sedang mengemas-ngemas barang selebihnya! Paling penting kami dilayan bak VVIP, pengantin & ibubapa pengantin duduk sekali dengan kami makan-makan! Terima kasih daun keladi!

Kak Yasmin pertama kali dipertemukan oleh Cikgu Maria dan kumpulan forum kami berempat yang ketika itu Tingkatan Empat, M.A.S.K. (which stands for Mukmin, Anis, Shah & of course the one & only Kaizar) sebagai ahli forum dari Tingkatan Lima. Satu pengalaman yang sangat berharga dan keberterusan menjadi juara di Tingkatan Lima sekaligus merangkul Anugerah Pengerusi Terbaik dua tahun berturut-turut adalah kenangan terindah kekal mekar dalam ingatan sepanjang hidup. Forum memang abadi selamanya. Kini Kak Yasmin bertugas sebagai pensyarah di universiti hijauku yang tercinta, tidak lain dan tidak bukan, Universiti Putra Malaysia. GAN-BA-TE!