More The Sims 3 Wonderful Info!

Wowza! I've just found the PERFECT THE SIMS 3 site that cover almost all info and facts about the upcoming game, and the link is HERE. You can sleepover at your Sim friend's house now, resurrect dead Sim by taking their urn to the science lab, you can change the length of a Sim's life, throw funeral party, bury Sim's coffin at Sunset Valley Cemetery, there will be "Mid Life Crisis" event that can turnover your choosen traits, jobs now paid hourly not daily, you can decide how to perform at work (Business as Usual, Work Hard, Take It Easy, Meet Coworkers, Hang Out with Coworkers, Suck Up to Boss, Practice Skill), become business partner with community business and rename the company, fire the staff or use the facilties for free, more talent badges which will be organized in the skill journal (Handiness, Fishing, Writing, Gardening, Logic, Cooking, Guitar along with the established talent badges like Cosmetology, Flower Arranging, Register, Restocking, Robotics, Sales, Toy Making, Pottery & Sewing). 
Hi! I am the Green Plumbob thumbdrive!
Map Tags for Sunset Valley overview
Sunset valley Neighbourhood poster
Let There Be Sims; You Are The Creator!

And I've also found the One Tree Hill episode with The Sims 3 in it. Can't hardly wait to attend my first Sims' music concert, movie premiere, pool party, barbecue, sporting event, outdoor fishing, public protesr at SimCity Hall. Also, be sure to check the details on Traits, Sunset Valley Cemetery ghosts, and Lifetime wishes.

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