FUCKING AWESOME! Another ONE MONTH to the MOST ANTICIPATED ULTIMATE GOD-GAME OF ALL TIME! (Why am I screaming like hell?) Let There Be Sims - June 2nd! I've downloaded The Sims 3 theme mp3! Download it HERE, you know you want it! At first it sounds like something out of Desperate Housewives' Wisteria Lane then the very familiar music of The Sims! I can even hear the sound of birds chirping, ah, what a GRANDEUR song! I happened to stop by at The Sims 3 official site HERE, and the scrolling flash player is totally GREAT (see picture), revealing how characters in The Sims 3 will totally differentiate from one another. It also reveals how Sunset Valley will look like from first person view. Reading The Sims 3 wiki HERE seriously ignites my anticipation over and over again! It's all in the details that excites me, all Sims live out their life in the neigbourhood simultaneously, the fun features from The Sims 2 remained like young adult life stage, mobile phones, private cars, personal inventories, restaurants, fishing, gardening, jewelry, beaches, toothbrushing and ceiling. And the new & upgraded features are great as well, unique painting, hospitals for pregnant Sims, bicycle riding, career branches, different footwear & headwear, birthmark, color wheel scheme, voice pitches, Create-a-Twin, the freedom to place objects, time syncing, designated building for each jobs, and the abilty to enter neighbours' houses.  I am really eager to see how some of the new features like working overtime or bring work to home feature will work. And haven't you heard about the latest episode of One Tree Hill that begun with their Sims persona? WOW! That's how big the power of The Sims 3 is! Even the screenshot of The Sims 3 game launcher excites me! May June arrives ASAP with the green plumbob! And now for the real question, do I have to upgrade my PC in order to play The Sims 3? :S

In the meantime, I really LURVE reading's top lists! How reminiscing to see one of you favourite game up there and really influence me to play more games!

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