Play: First The Sims 3 Review by PCZone (Scans)

Reviews and hands-on for The Sims 3 are finally emerged! Read first UK review by PCZone HERE. More details from Gamespot HERE. However, I am so dissappointed with the review. Yes, the reviewer gave The Sims 3 a high score, and the review spreaded through six full pages, not that I have anything to dispute about BUT I totally disagree that PCZone let someone who played The Sims game for the first time to write the review. It was written with very little justification, most of the article space is taken by personal ranting and grumbling by the reviewer which sounds totally annoying and over-exaggerated, minimal details made the review dull and uninspired. I demand a re-review! But one point that struck me out of my chair, what about the restricted area that can only be accessed only if you registered the game online? Sniff, sniff. My own little piece of advice to all gamers out there, approach the game without any biases, The Sims is a personal indulgence to be enjoyed at your own pleasure.

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