Play: My First The Sims 3 Screenshot

WOW! WOW! WOW! Today is the first day The Sims 3 released at S&M and I bought it on impulse! After installing it for about 10 minutes with the size of installation 5.5 GB, I played it right away. The loading screen is quite familiar with all new introduction clip. There is only one neighborhood in play that is Sunset Valley. After that I create-a-sim (above picture) and tried my best to make he look exactly like me while looking at a mirror. There's an abundance of choices to make and a robust features this time around and I tried to limit my time as little as possible to enjoy the real meat of the game. After tweaking my sim's look and clothes (the colors and pattern designs choices are totally insane!), I picked 5 traits for my sim and they are: Neurotic, Excitable, Childish, Snob & Computer Whiz! I think that's how I'm gonna define myself in real world! WOW! Next is I get to pick my favourite food: cookies, music: pop (why there is no dance genre?) and color: green! And then the game gave me five choices of lifetime wishes from the combination of the traits and I chose Gold Digger! HAHAHA!

Next is to play the game! From time to time there will be wishes to be fulfilled. And I took my first ride in cab to military base to take my lesson there. There is no more loading screen from my house to the place I wanna go! I can follow the cab without any loading time! WOW! The buy & build modes' interface has been totally revamped and the new ones look totally AWESOME! Then come to the interaction with other sim, I was totally impressed at how much different the interaction is this time. Depending on your choosen traits, there will be special interaction and you can picked and it really defines your personality right away. Other than that, you can switched from sim's view to map view anytime smoothly. One thing for sure, The Sims 3 takes a HUGE LEAP from The Sims 2 and denied those who say there's not much difference between both versions.

Bye for now! Sunset Valley is calling me!

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