Play: Space Games

Space Ranger: The first space game that regain my interest to play games once more and never stop after that. I really love the news feature a lot. And the NPCs are like real people. There are so many things to do. The trading aspect is polished to almost-perfect state. Upgrading ship is the fun part of the game with so many technologies to choose from. And good save-game system. Read my review HERE

Freelancer: Great graphic and many easter eggs to discover. Flying your space ship from one point to another feels so right in this game.

Space Empires Starfury: This game gives fully control of your hull and cargo. The graphic is simple and nice. I love the interface. The third space game that I've fully finished after Space Ranger & Freelancer.

Escape Velocity Nova: Really nice 2D games but it's quite hard on someone who wants to play casually.

X3, Space Force Rogue Universe & Parkan 2: I've been trying for ages to crack the gameplay but the steep learning curve keeps avoiding me from these game. Will learn ASAP.

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