Play: Wandering Willows

(still a long way to go)
Wandering Willows is a simulation/adventure game in line with Harvest Moon + Animal Crossing + MySims gameplay plus more stuff to do. Picking fruit, digging, charming wild animals, gardening, feeding, hatching new animals and buying/selling ingredients/materials at three different stores - Cooking store, Sewing store & Flower store. There are 42 different pets species to incubate and train in pet stable, 42 collars to enhance their stats/attributes, 162 quests to complete across two continents - Grassland & Tropic (I usually skipped the dialogues), 150 clothing patterns to sew, 200 food recipes to cook, various vegetables & flowers to plant (just choose seed, water and harvest). Special achievements include twelve medals/trophies. For complete & detailed walkthrough, click HERE. This game certainly worth a sequel with more depth, and hopefully a home to decorate, fishing, bug catching & life-like NPCs. Whoa! That sounds suspiciously familiar with Animal Crossing. Hehe!

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