Play: Yet Another Pet Society Ramblings

(A Royal Pharaoh in his subject's home who seems to be so into Indiana Jones movies lately. Visiting my housemate's pet named after his own nickname, Boboy. Keep spreading the love disease y'all. And where did all the flies came from? Oops!!!)
Pet Society is all about hard will and perseverence. Without them, you will abandon the game right after reaching level 25+ because the gameplay is way too repetitive and nothing much to do around. There's nothing much to achieve in Pet Society, and no doubt or argument about it. So where do I get such motivation to keep coming back to Pet Society almost every day and do the same monotonous task of visiting each and every of your friend's pets? Well, for one thing, I always looking forward to see the latest room design for each of their cribs. And of course, paying a visit to your friend's pets is the easiest way to collect money, which will then be used to shop for room decorations. And if all the above matters doesn't satisfy my hunger for more and more, another way to curb my craving for virtual shopping and decorating would always be by playing The Sims 2. How about you fellas? :)

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