To Buy Or Not To Buy, DS Lite or DSi, Now or Wait?

I'm really torn apart about my decision to buy Nintendo DS.

Case 1: Do I really want/need/have to buy Nintendo DS? I already own PS2, PSP and Wii. I also thought of buying PS3 and XBox 360, but because most games for both consoles are also available for PC platform, so it's better for me to just spend the money to upgrade my PC. And even the ability to play Blu-Ray on PS3 doesn't really affect my decision because real Blu-Ray DVDs are expensive & usually come out late after movies are released. Case closed. But it is different with Nintendo DS. The gameplay is totally unique with the existence of touch screen & stylus. Besides, I have a huge library of both Nintendo DS & GBA games that need that specific console to enjoy playing. (Currently I just test them in emulation mode. Fact: I finished all Pokemon games from Blue, Red, Green & Yellow to Gold, Silver & Crystal except Sapphire, Ruby & Emerald so I plan to conquer Diamond, Pearl & Platinum!) Another point is I already have PSP and I still have not finished lots of games. So should I just stick to my PSP first? But inevitably, I think I would buy a Nintendo DS in the future anyway so why not now? Unique games also affect my decision here: Nintendogs, Pokemon, Animal Crossing, Guitar Hero DS, Mario Kart DS, Final Fantasy series, Mario series, Warioware, great RPGs, these are all the games that I really want to get my hands on, perhaps can make their way into my daily routine, and I want to play them on the go.Case 2: If I have decided to buy it anyway, which one should I buy, NDS Lite or NDSi? NDS Lite is cheaper, and support more games & peripherals especially Guitar Hero grip (Which for me is one of important factors that influence me to buy NDSL). However NDSL needs special card for browsing internet and taking photo (Though these points are still debatable because handphone provides better alternative. However, at least when you buy something, you need to buy a complete one. I am such a completist + perfectionist). PLUS, you people need to realise that the purpose for the camera add-on is not solely for snapping pictures, but it is going to be integrated into future gameplay design like motion-sensing control. Though currently only Warioware Snapped! & certain games use that feature (and not really up to what people expected), but the promise for better & greater use is not impossible. Remember back then when people criticize the touch screen feature? Now they have to eat their words back with all great titles using touch screen. NDSi is pricey, but you can browse Internet, take photos & play music, and MOST importantly, play future releases, though it doesn't support GBA slot to put Guitar Hero peripherals. Besides, NDSi has larger screen & faster than NDSL but drains battery life faster due to higher RAM & processor.

Case 3: If I am to go with NDSi (Though it will not support many old games that I plan to play on it), do I have to buy it now or wait again until the price is stable? Currently NDSL costs RM550 - RM660 while NDSi costs RM750 - RM900, about the same price range with Nintendo Wii!

So, if you have any thought & comment about this, do help me by giving me your piece of advice! Thanks in advance!

If there was a conclusion to this blog entry, I would say that, I leaned more towards NDSi. But I would probably give it more time, let the games library that utilise camera gameplay grow larger , the price gets stable and someday the SD card feature would be useful to fully support GBA games. And dare for me to dream, for the Wii/NDSi connectivity, future Nintendo Wii games (which console I already own) would giveaway free mini-games for NDSi! There I say it! Let's campaign for it gamers!


  1. i hav the same problem too mate..
    dsl is cheaper...
    but i like dsi more
    -camera,web browser,larger screen,higher ram n processor, better design

    besides,i dont play gba games and i dont care about no gba slot..

    but the price is too expensive u_u

  2. yup. i want to get ndsi too because r4i and acekard 2i are capable to play nds roms very well... but the price doesn't do enough justification, it's just too expensive, even expensive than wii (which i already owned)!

  3. dsi in america cost 169-170$ which i very cheap dsl cost 129-130$ cheap but not as complete as the dsi!

  4. yup you're right. dsl is not as complete as dsi. however i do appreciate gba slot to use with guitar hero grip.

  5. Same problem friend here too...But depends on the cost really,if one's cheap is a hike compare to other better to buy the former one.

  6. I've finally bought Nintendo DS about a month ago and am so glad by choosing DS over DSi. I played all three Guitar Hero games like crazy! And so far, there has not been any good DSi exclusive games. :)

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