10 Things To Do in The Sims 2!

1) Experience all life states - Human, Ghost, Alien, Zombie, Vampire, Servo, Werewolf, PlantSim, Bigfoot, Genie, or Witch.
2) Create all good and evil spells. CLICK HERE for full list.
3) Find maps to secret lots by digging or taking tours on vacation: Pagoda in the Shadows (Takemizu Village) Wise Old Man's home, Mystery Hut (Twikkii Island) Witch Doctor's home, Hidden Burrow (Three Lakes) Bigfoot's home.
4) Get access to all hobbies' lots: Peerless Park (Nature), Will's Garage (Tinkering), Games of Glory (Games), My Muse - Music & Dance Studio (Music & Dance), Aspirational Laboratories (Science), My Muse II - Arts & Crafts Studio (Arts & Crafts), Sue's Secret Kitchen (Cuisine), Platinum Gym (Fitness), Dreamy Fields (Sports), Desirable Discourse (Film & Literature)
5) Unlock secret neighbourhood "The Magical World" by being a witch, Palace of Neverending Light for good witch and Fortress of Eternal Darkness for evil witch.
6) Discover new motives for Sim in different life state: Power (Servo), Water, Love & Sunlight (PlantSim) andChewing & Scratching (Pets)
7) Fulfill Lifetime Want for different Aspiration. CLICK HERE for full list.
8) WooHoo at all these locations: in bed, in a hot tub, in a changing booth, in a car, in a photo booth, in an elevator, in a tent, in a sauna, in a hammock, in a helicopter and in a closet.
9) Get GPA 4.0 in all majors: Art, Biology, Drama, Economics, History, Literature, Mathematics, Philosophy, Physics, Political Science and Psychology.
10) Collect all career rewards. CLICK HERE for the full list.


  1. ouh ade cheat dye eh.
    hee! best gilo men game nihh..

  2. maen!! best!! pg shopping tu..
    haa.. best oo wat cheat jadi KAYA!!=))

    tp agakk berat kan mende ni.. kura2 btul!

  3. ha ah... loading time lame giler... dengarnya the sims 3 dah takde dah loading time segala...oh yeah! best sims is yet to come!