Who Is Haizad Imran?

The Double "A", Aaron Aziz is no longer the only talented import from Singapore anymore. Say "HI" to Haizad Imran - the multi-talented artist who can sing, act and host; while juggling his time being a staff nurse all at the same time, just imagine that already mind-boggled me. Comparing both at acting romantic comedy drama, I prefer Haizad Imran, no doubt about it. Currently I've watched him in 2x5 Dol, Erlin Montel & Zero Downpayment, and he charmed his way on the screen with great sense of humour up to his sleeves. The 26-year-old performer also has many great facial gestures and bring up the mood in each scenes with his own personality and style. I predict that he will be bigger in the future now that his dramas is out in Malaysia. Catch all his dramas in channel Warna on Astro coming your way this June! Read more about him HERE.

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