Play: My Pet Society Rooms Current Look

My Pet Society house is still in progress and this is how they currently look like.
Welcome To The Neighbourhood!
My Evergreen Orchard
Simply Love
My Beautiful Garden
Beach Forever!
My Hansel & Gretel Kitchen
Floody Bathroom!
p/s: A lot of people asked me how to make more money out of Pet Society. Well, for one thing, I don't do hurdle race in Stadium just because I hate how random it was and the race was all but irritating and annoying. The most important thing is, I'll make sure that I stick to my daily routine to always visit the first 77 Pet Society friends especially after 8 am (Malaysia time) because that's when all visiting history is reset. Currently I'm working hard to get more money to re-decorate my home to be as perfect as I could. How perfectionist!

Play: SimSocial Review

1) The create-a-sim integration is okay especially the five traits that you can choose and affect the gameplay, but there's not much options which left players with generic look and none unique.
2) The user interface is extra cool with organizer/PDA that looks like an iPhone down to the icon designs.
3) The gameplay is exactly the same with Kudos 1 & 2 with only some extras.
4) The ability to play alongside other Facebook friends really feel like an "online Sims" game.

1) Every now and then, the game will paused itself for ten minutes which is very annoying and irritating. It shows that the game doesn't really offer much to do.
2) After you achieve a lifetime wish, you have to start a new game and cannot continue with the same sim which make the game lacking in replay value.

Play: Guitar Hero

Now that I've played all three Guitar Hero On Tour games for Nintendo DS and I also owned all versions of Playstation 2 Guitar Hero games, I'm a complete man! Guitar Hero is absolutely the best game ever!

Play: Reset Generation on Nokia N-Gage

If there is one game to play on your Nokia, this would be it. Choose one out of ten modified videogame icons to be your hero and guide them to rescue other players' princesses by building combo road to other heroes' castles via dropping puzzle blocks. Pick up special items and use them to gain advantage over the enemy. There are three steps for each round. First you drop your blocks to any empty spaces. Then you move your hero within his moving range. Next, you fire two cannon balls to any enemy's blocks to destroy them. Visit the official website for the game HERE where you can post your score to the ranking. Or play it via Facebook HERE. Download full version of the game: LINK 1 and LINK 2.

Play: Pokemon Platinum Sinnoh Region Map & Extras

The scenic Sinnoh region
By Kymotonian
By Tsunamia

How the world of Pokemon was built
Pokemon types

Play: SimSocial Facebook Guide

SimSocial on Facebook Welcome Page
First, create-a-sim! Choose a face, adjust skin tone, choose your hair, pick your outfit, choose five traits and pick your lifetime wishes.
Starting with your sim age 20, with $30K and working as a waiter
At first, your choices of commuting to work is walk, bus or taxi.
After work, you can pick an activity
Perhaps, going out with your friends...
Or attending evening classes to improve your skills...
Or maybe, searching for new job...
And even go shopping to buy stuffs to add more activities
Perhaps because it appeared that there doesn't much to do in SimSocial, every now and then, the game will pause for 10 minutes.
All in all, SimSocial is exactly the clone of Kudos game, except that it is layered with Sims interface glossed with iPhone look-a-like organizer @ PDA. Somehow, I am now officially hooked to the game. The objective of the game is to complete all six lifetime wishes and be the richest among your friend, as in Pet Society, those who rich will top the leaderboard!

Play: The Sims 3 Extras

I've been able to download the second town, Riverview for my Sims 3 game and I'm so happy! Although currently I don't have time to play The Sims 3 because Pokemon Platinum occupied my time very much these days, but I want to try living in Riverview ASAP.
I've just visited The Sims 3 official site this morning and it surprised me to find these three new apps. The first one is SimSocial (, a webgame developed by the same guy who created my favourite turn-based life simulation game titled Kudos. At the start of the game, you get to create-a-sim similar to The Sims 3 game complete with choosing the name, skin color, hairstyle, clothes, five traits and lifetime wish. When you start the game, you will be greeted to a sleek game user interface design which look suspiciously similar to an iPhone. As in Kudos, each day you can pick one activity after going back home from work, whether to spend your time alone, with your friends, attend classes to increase your skills, or to find another job. There's the attributes system that will monitor the development of your Sim and inventory system for you to store stuffs bought in the game.
The second one is SimSideKick (, an app that accompany you surfing the web, and react to whatever sites you are on. Not really useful and fun as SimSocial.
The last one is SimFriend ( The concept is unique and subtle. Pick one sim to be your "online" friend and they will e-mail you, asking you advices on relationship, career and friend. Your answers will determine their decision. In return, you'll earn achievements.
All in all, my most favourite game of all-time, The Sims is certainly heading for brighter future and being the best invention of the century!

Nokia N97 vs Apple iPhone; To Sell My N96 or Not?

Argh! I am so confused right now! Currently I owned Nokia N96 which I bought at approximately RM2200++ late last year, probably in December. After doing a survey and Q&A at, I found out that the highest price I can sell back my N96 complete set with box and all is RM1300, which is a thousand shorter than the original price I bought six months ago. I don't know whether to sell or not my N96. Some people in the forum also offer to trade my N96 with their second-hand iPhone 2G 8GB which you can get at about the same price. I know the current iPhone 3GS is a better iPhone but with such pricetag, I would prefer iPhone 2G 8GB instead, just as long I own an iPhone. What I like most about the iPhone is the iTunes, the Safari web browser, multi-touch capacitive touchscreen compared to resistive touchscreen of N97, and lots of apps though I don't think I'm going to fully utilise the apps.

However, with the current N97 which is not that pricey as what I thought at the first place, should I sell my N96 and get N97 instead? Touch screen (not multitouch though), slide-out full QWERTY keyboard (looks ugly but OK lah), a proper camera with a shutter (N96 doesn't have a camera shutter, duh!), bigger memory storage (though I don't really store much), better web browser than N96, better battery life than N96. And compared to iPhone, N97 has better display resolution (640x360 vs 480 vs 320), the ability to forward SMS, video call, MMS, DVD quality video recording, camera 5MP vs 3MP (the most important feature that I always use), removable battery, and has the same accelerometer as 5800 and iPhone (which will work great with games). I just hope that it is more stable than N96. Or perhaps, should I trade my N96 with iPhone 2G 8GB and then bought Nokia N97? Whoa, that would leave a huge hole on my wallet! Or just get an iPod Touch and dumped the idea to get an iPhone? Huhu, confusion, confusion! Help me, my friends!!!
My Nokia N96 for RM1300++!

(unedited) Korean Drama vs Japan Drama vs Taiwan Drama: Which One Is The Best

(Please take note that this article is not yet edited but I just want to publish it anyway. It will take some time to finish this article due to lack of time to concentrate, and also lots of drama to catch up)

Between these three oriental drama, which one is the best?

Korean dramas
Episodes: Around 20-something
Plots: Predictable, cliche, sometimes involved relationship between brother and sister, rich-poor couple, love four angles (as in love triangle, but with four people involved), best in emotional department (inducing overflow tears)
Actors/actresses: Good-looking, well-built, most popular actors are Bae Yong Jun, Rain, Song Hae Gyo, Won Bin, Lee Dong Wook, Lee Jun Ki, Song Seung Heun,
Notable drama: Winter Sonata (main actor: Bae Yong Jun) would probably be the first drama series that popularized Korean dramas. This followed by Autumn in My Heart, Coffee Prince, Princess Hours, Prince Hours (Goong), My Girl, Full House, Yoo-Hee the Witch, Delightful Girl Choon-Hyang, Stairway to Heaven, A Love to Kill, Summer Scent, What Star Did You Come From, Marrying A Millionaire.

Japanese doramas
Episodes: 12 episodes per series and for popular series, they will have special episode or SP.
Plots: Top-notch in originality. More intricate and engaging than Korean or Taiwanese dramas. Besides that, Japanese dramas implemented lots of their own culture compared to the Westernized Korean and Taiwan dramas. Filled with suspenses.
Actors/actresses: Most actors are from Johnny's and were from boybands. Popular actors are Takuya Kimura, Jun Matsumoto, Toma Ikuta, Yamashita Tomohisa, Horikita Maki, just to name a few.
Notable dramas: Only after I watched Beautiful Life (main actor: Takuya Kimura) for the first time that I took note of Japanese dramas. This followed by other drama series with Takuya Kimura in it as he was so popular during that period. And the most current drama series that I've watched were Hana Yori Dango, Hanazakari No Kimitachi E, Zettai Kareshi, Nobuta Wo Produce, Gokusen, GTO, One Litre of Tears and Proposal Daisakusen @ Operation Love. Not only these series are popular, they also won many awards in Japan.

Taiwan dramas
Episodes: 20-30 episodes per series.
Plots: Not as complicated as Japanese or Korean. Usually straightforward and light-hearted. Most of current drama adapted Japanese manga. I haven't watched many Taiwan dramas. Perhaps it is due to difficulty of finding alternatives in DVD forms that have English/Malay subtitle compared to Korean or Japanese dramas, which are cheaper too.
Actors/actresses: Younger, current popular actors were from boybands such as Fahrenheit & S.H.E.
Notable dramas: Hana Yori Dango and Romantic Princess. :X
Head-to-head battle
The best series to differentiate these three drama is Hana Yori Dango @ Boys Over Flowers @ Meteor Garden series. Though the story is based on manga originated from Japan, Taiwan's Meteor Garden is the first drama series that captured the attention of Asian audience. However, when Japan produced their own Hana Yori Dango drama series, it took the world by storm. Hana Yori Dango captures the real ingredients in the manga itself, the youthfulness of the characters, the importance of each characters, and it really touch the heart of its audience compared to Meteor Garden. Then came Boys Over Flowers from Korean, with better-looking actors and actresses and higher quality production. Boys Over Flowers tried to be different by changing the background stories but keeping the main plots intact. However, it still lacking in term on consistency of the story and sometimes it feels like jumping from one scene to one scene without a worthy continuity.

So if I have to conclude this based on this series alone, I would say, Japanese drama is number one! But take note that I watched more Korean dramas than Japanese doramas and argue as you want, I don't really fancy Taiwan dramas if not for two or three worthy drama series.

Watch: Proposal Daisakusen or Operation Love

Proposal Daisakusen or Operation Love is a J-drama about Iwase Ken who has been given chances to rewrite his past by a fairy through the pictures slideshow his friend has made for his childhood friend's Rei's wedding. Every pictures in the slideshow represent key events of Ken and Rei's love story.

While watching Proposal Daisakusen, lot of thoughts came rushing into my mind. How nice it is to have a childhood friend who then be my wife. And how lucky for the main characters for having each other as friends, through thick and thin. I really envy their friendship. How I wish I could turn back time and redo all the things starting from my childhood so I don't have anything to regret in the future. How I really pray that I lead a totally different life from what I'm through now. :(

Watch: Zettai Kareshi

Drama Zettai Kareshi memang feeling habis! After watching Hana Yori Dango and Hanazakari No Kimitachi E, this is one great Japanese drama. Entah bilamana cerita tentang robot boleh menjadi sebuah cerita yang amat menyentuh hati sehingga hampir mengalir jugalah air mata yang jarang-jarang sekali membasahi pipi ni. Lagu temanya Okaeri nyanyian Ayaka (download HERE) pun sangat mengulit perasaan begitu jugalah ada satu instrumental dengan bunyian humming dan petikan gitar yang sangat kena dengan babak-babak tertentu, sepertimana pengarahan audio dalam Hana Yori Dango yang memang berhantu. Jalan cerita memang menarik dan sentiasa ada elemen-elemen yang menarik perhatian dalam setiap episod. Apabila menonton tidak terasa masa yang berlalu, there was never a dull moment at all,I can assure you for that. Lakonan mantap dari pelakon-pelakon juga membuai jiwa bagaikan menaiki roller-coaster, dari ketawa kepada rasa sedih bertukar-ganti. This certainly certified to be among my drama top list!

(Updated June 17) Baru je lepas nonton Zettai Kareshi SP. Waaa, sedih giler! (Spoiler Alert) Bermula dengan Izawa Riko dan Asomoto Soshi balik dari Paris selepas 3 tahun. Pengenalan watak baru Dr Kamiya Ayumi yang cuba menghasilkan robot seperti Night Tenjo yang mempunyai "self-awareness" sendiri lalu menghidupkan semula Night. Night yang dihidupkan pulang ke pangkuan Riiko tetapi segala ingatannya langsung hilang. Sehinggalah Night dan Riiko jatuh dari bangunan barulah Night mendapat kembali memori 3 tahun lepas seterusnya menyelamatkan Riiko. Ayumi rupanya cuba mencipta robot seiras teman lelaki lamanya lengkap dengan perasaan seperti Night Tenjo.

Setelah berjaya mendapatkan formula yang sama seperti Night, Ayumi membawa robot teman lelaki yang diciptanya, Nanase Jun untuk menyempurnakan impian mereka. Malangnya kerana usahanya menyelamatkan Ayumi dari robot-robot askar dari US, Nanase berhenti berfungsi. Night kemudiannya melalui pengalaman Ayumi & Nanase menyedari bahawa dia hanyalah robot yang akan menderita mencintai Riiko nekad meminta Namakiri untuk memusnahkan dirinya sendiri buat selama-lama agar Riiko mendapat kebahagiaan yang sebenar. Dalam pertemuan akhir mereka, Night & Riiko mengucapkan selamat tinggal dan sebelum berpaling pergi, Riiko mengucup Night untuk kali terakhir dan air mata Night mengakhiri pertemuan mereka. Akhirnya, Riiko kembali kepada Soushi dan diakhiri dialog Soushi "Okaeri" (Selamat pulang) dan Riiko menjawab "Tadaima" (Saya kembali). (Dan tanpa sedar airmata mengalir demi Zettai Kareshi untuk ke sekian kalinya!)

p/s: Drama seterusnya, Proposal Daikusen!

Watch: Terminator Salvation

Akhirnya berkesempatan gak Kaizar tonton Terminator Salvation. Zul cakap tak best. Fahmi kata OK. Abg Rizal bilang, kena tengok sendiri baru tau best atau tak. So, in my opinion, Kaizar keluar dari pawagam cukup sekadar puas dapat tonton, tapi tak sehingga nak katakan Terminator Salvation yang baru lepas tengok tu best. Sebenarnya, semua bergantung kepada sebab kita nak menonton wayang tu sendiri, dan untuk Kaizar sendiri, Kaizar suka tengok filem-filem aksi yang mempunyai skop yang besar dan kesan-kesan khas yang hebat lengkap dengan sistem audio yang meletup.

Pernah main video game Fallout 3 dan Red Alert 3? Filem Terminator Salvation ni ada banyak persamaan dengan video game tersebut, dari radio yang menjadi pengantara John Connor dan ahli-ahli Resistance yang lain, markas-markas yang berbeza sehinggalah kepada palette skema warna yang digunakan yang lebih menunjukkan masa hadapan yang "dull", kusam. Kalau tak silap Komander Resistance tu pun berlakon dalam video montaj video game Red Alert 3.

Walaupun filem kali ini semuanya berlaku di masa hadapan, namun ianya lebih kepada prekuel kepada filem-filem Terminator yang terdahulu termasuklah siri drama TV Sarah Connor Chronicles. Dari segi setting, masa hadapan seolah-olah kelihatan sebagai sebuah kilang. Tidak dilupakan cameo Arnold Schwarzenegger sebagai terminator yang bogel. Turut ditampilkan ialah robot-robot model lain seperti hidrobot dan mototerminator. Jalan ceritanya pula berkisar kepada John Connor yang dianggap sebagai pemimpin Resistance yang cuba menyelamatkan bakal ayahnya Kyle Reese serta penampilan watak Marcus Wright.

p/s: Juga baru lepas menonton Coming Soon. Tidaklah sebosan yang disangka. Elemen-elemen seramnya pun agak menakutkan. Walaupun DVD yang ditonton diterjemah dengan subtitle yang teramat-amatlah tunggang-terbalik, tapi kecacatan tersebut dapat diketepikan dengan tarikan pada jalan cerita dan kehorroran cerita. Sehingga minta tolong adik temankan menonton sekali lah katakan. Hehehe.... Tonton jangan tak tonton!

Play: Great Groundbreaking Games!

EyePet for PS3
Use EyeToy 3 to interact with pet on TV screen. Almost real life-like interaction. Pet it, tickle it, play stuffs with it, dress it, and draw something so the pet will draw the same thing in virtual world and make it alive.

Invizimals for PSP
Use the PSP Camera as monster detector around your house. Casting spells by shaking the PSP, blowing into the device to create tornado and drawing spell runes with an on-screen cursor.
Scribblenauts for DS
Write words to help the protagonist to get the Starite. You can write almost any words you can think of to solve puzzles.

More info on upcoming games:
1) Wii Sports Resort comes with 12 new games, to be released this July, supports WiiMote Motion Plus: Fencing, Frisbee throwing, basketball, table tennis, ping pong, bicycling, rowing canoe, wakeboarding, swordplay, air sports, jet skiing, archery and skydiving. The most exciting game would probably be archery using both Wiimote and nunchuk like a real archer. Wowza!

p/s: Oh my, looking back at those three almost ground-breaking games that I picked, it truly shows that I'm so into anything cute! Ya-da, ya-da. In fact, I'm currently playing Pokemon Platinum on my brand new Piano Black DS. Ouch! Kill me with Cuteness! Kawaii! Seriously, I'm all-out for creativity in gaming! And yeah, I'm still on the lookout for games using real time like Tamagotchi does. Perhaps the next Pokemon, Animal Crossing or The Sims? Or soon-to-be-released iPhone game?

Quoted from Tech Central: "DS is best for range of games, has the strongest games of any handheld games format, while PSP, despite having the most advanced hardware of any handheld machines, PSP games are nowhere near as quirky and original as those for the DS, and only when it comes to console-quality action does the machine excels"

WTF Myspace?

I've had enough with Myspace! Not only did the alphabet verification sucks, now they told me that my account has been phished? So, I've changed my password, not once, not twice, but almost ten times to no effect! WTF! Tell me, Tom, what else do you want me to do?

Play: E3 2009 Round-Up

All eight publishers press events (Microsoft, EA, Ubisoft, Nintendo, Sony, Square Enix, Konami, Miyamoto himself) at the Electronic Entertainment Expo (E3 2009) have ended and there's just too many games to be anticipated about. For PSP, there are so many ports from PS3 like Fat Princess, Little Big Planet, Soul Calibur IV: Broken Destiny, Jak & Daxter: The Lost Frontier, Final Fantasy VII, Persona, echochrono (the follow-up to echochrome), Pangya Fantasy Golf; for Wii, we have Wii Sports Resort, A Boy and His Blob, Endless Ocean 2, Super Mario Galaxy 2, New Super Mario Bros, New Zelda (2010 release), Tatsunoko vs Capcom; for DS, there are Dementium II, Kingdom Hearts 358/2, Mario & Luigi: The Bowser's Inside Story, Scribblenauts, The Legend of Zelda: Spirit Tracks. Meanwhile, there will be new color for the existing consoles such as black for Wii and red for DSi. There's also much excitement about the new XBox 360 peripheral currently called Project Natal which very much like EyeToy for Playstation and the all-new PSP Go. And how about DJ Hero for PS3?

Summer-Movies-To-Watch List

Angels & Demons (done), Star Trek (done), Coraline (done), Obsessed (done), Hannah Montana, Terminator: Salvation (done), Transformer: Revenge of the Fallen, Harry Potter & the Half-Blood Prince, Monsters vs Aliens, Nights at the Museum: Battle of the Smithsonian (done), GI Jeo: Rise of the Cobra, Sherlock Holmes, Push, Up, New Moon, Toy Story 3, Land of the Lost, Drag Me To Hell, 17 Again, Dance Flick

Listen: Kaizar iPod Hot List 24 (May '09)

Lagu-lagu Melayu
Gigi - Nakal
Shah Indrawan (Tomok) - Rindu Terhenti
Pop Shuvit - Oh Sizuka
Fasetigabelas - Sebuah Janji ("Kamelia Katrina" theme song)
Seventeen - Selalu Mengalah
Yuna - Dan Sebenarnya
Aizat - Fikirlah
Kangen Band - Doy
Faizal Tahir - Bencinta
Numata - Raja Jatuh Cinta
6ixth Sense - Khatimah CInta
Romance - Ku Ingin Kamu

English Songs
Plain White T's - 1,2,3,4, I Love You
Coldplay - Lovers in Japan
Black Eyed Peas - Boom Boom Pow
Pitbull ft Lil Jon - Krazy
Britney Spears ft Lady Gaga - Quicksand
Soulja Boy - Kiss Me Thru The Phone
Johann Strauss Bach - Air (classic instrumental)
Jonathan Coulton & Ellen McCain - Still Alive ("Portal" game theme song)
Girls Aloud - The Promise
Flo Rida - Right Round
Shontelle Layne - T-Shirt
Katy Perry - Thinking of You