Nokia N97 vs Apple iPhone; To Sell My N96 or Not?

Argh! I am so confused right now! Currently I owned Nokia N96 which I bought at approximately RM2200++ late last year, probably in December. After doing a survey and Q&A at, I found out that the highest price I can sell back my N96 complete set with box and all is RM1300, which is a thousand shorter than the original price I bought six months ago. I don't know whether to sell or not my N96. Some people in the forum also offer to trade my N96 with their second-hand iPhone 2G 8GB which you can get at about the same price. I know the current iPhone 3GS is a better iPhone but with such pricetag, I would prefer iPhone 2G 8GB instead, just as long I own an iPhone. What I like most about the iPhone is the iTunes, the Safari web browser, multi-touch capacitive touchscreen compared to resistive touchscreen of N97, and lots of apps though I don't think I'm going to fully utilise the apps.

However, with the current N97 which is not that pricey as what I thought at the first place, should I sell my N96 and get N97 instead? Touch screen (not multitouch though), slide-out full QWERTY keyboard (looks ugly but OK lah), a proper camera with a shutter (N96 doesn't have a camera shutter, duh!), bigger memory storage (though I don't really store much), better web browser than N96, better battery life than N96. And compared to iPhone, N97 has better display resolution (640x360 vs 480 vs 320), the ability to forward SMS, video call, MMS, DVD quality video recording, camera 5MP vs 3MP (the most important feature that I always use), removable battery, and has the same accelerometer as 5800 and iPhone (which will work great with games). I just hope that it is more stable than N96. Or perhaps, should I trade my N96 with iPhone 2G 8GB and then bought Nokia N97? Whoa, that would leave a huge hole on my wallet! Or just get an iPod Touch and dumped the idea to get an iPhone? Huhu, confusion, confusion! Help me, my friends!!!
My Nokia N96 for RM1300++!


  1. 2g nk bergaya nye pasal,who cares if it's not the latest 3g iphone?malaysian ni x ramai pon yg gadget mania.asal nmpk iphone,da pandang hebat da.padahal not the latest iphone pon (kan ke senang nk bergaya?).

    i pon sampai skrg x reti nk bezakan iphone ngn ipod touch kalo tgk mcm tu je.i nk tempah hadiah bday awal sket bley x?haha....ipod nano sudeh.yg colorful tuh.hahaha.....

  2. wah! i baru jer nak add, "sangat bersetuju dengan komenmu!" tapi tang komen terakhir tu, tak menahan! wakakaka!