Play: Great Groundbreaking Games!

EyePet for PS3
Use EyeToy 3 to interact with pet on TV screen. Almost real life-like interaction. Pet it, tickle it, play stuffs with it, dress it, and draw something so the pet will draw the same thing in virtual world and make it alive.

Invizimals for PSP
Use the PSP Camera as monster detector around your house. Casting spells by shaking the PSP, blowing into the device to create tornado and drawing spell runes with an on-screen cursor.
Scribblenauts for DS
Write words to help the protagonist to get the Starite. You can write almost any words you can think of to solve puzzles.

More info on upcoming games:
1) Wii Sports Resort comes with 12 new games, to be released this July, supports WiiMote Motion Plus: Fencing, Frisbee throwing, basketball, table tennis, ping pong, bicycling, rowing canoe, wakeboarding, swordplay, air sports, jet skiing, archery and skydiving. The most exciting game would probably be archery using both Wiimote and nunchuk like a real archer. Wowza!

p/s: Oh my, looking back at those three almost ground-breaking games that I picked, it truly shows that I'm so into anything cute! Ya-da, ya-da. In fact, I'm currently playing Pokemon Platinum on my brand new Piano Black DS. Ouch! Kill me with Cuteness! Kawaii! Seriously, I'm all-out for creativity in gaming! And yeah, I'm still on the lookout for games using real time like Tamagotchi does. Perhaps the next Pokemon, Animal Crossing or The Sims? Or soon-to-be-released iPhone game?

Quoted from Tech Central: "DS is best for range of games, has the strongest games of any handheld games format, while PSP, despite having the most advanced hardware of any handheld machines, PSP games are nowhere near as quirky and original as those for the DS, and only when it comes to console-quality action does the machine excels"

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