Play: SimSocial Facebook Guide

SimSocial on Facebook Welcome Page
First, create-a-sim! Choose a face, adjust skin tone, choose your hair, pick your outfit, choose five traits and pick your lifetime wishes.
Starting with your sim age 20, with $30K and working as a waiter
At first, your choices of commuting to work is walk, bus or taxi.
After work, you can pick an activity
Perhaps, going out with your friends...
Or attending evening classes to improve your skills...
Or maybe, searching for new job...
And even go shopping to buy stuffs to add more activities
Perhaps because it appeared that there doesn't much to do in SimSocial, every now and then, the game will pause for 10 minutes.
All in all, SimSocial is exactly the clone of Kudos game, except that it is layered with Sims interface glossed with iPhone look-a-like organizer @ PDA. Somehow, I am now officially hooked to the game. The objective of the game is to complete all six lifetime wishes and be the richest among your friend, as in Pet Society, those who rich will top the leaderboard!

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