(unedited) Korean Drama vs Japan Drama vs Taiwan Drama: Which One Is The Best

(Please take note that this article is not yet edited but I just want to publish it anyway. It will take some time to finish this article due to lack of time to concentrate, and also lots of drama to catch up)

Between these three oriental drama, which one is the best?

Korean dramas
Episodes: Around 20-something
Plots: Predictable, cliche, sometimes involved relationship between brother and sister, rich-poor couple, love four angles (as in love triangle, but with four people involved), best in emotional department (inducing overflow tears)
Actors/actresses: Good-looking, well-built, most popular actors are Bae Yong Jun, Rain, Song Hae Gyo, Won Bin, Lee Dong Wook, Lee Jun Ki, Song Seung Heun,
Notable drama: Winter Sonata (main actor: Bae Yong Jun) would probably be the first drama series that popularized Korean dramas. This followed by Autumn in My Heart, Coffee Prince, Princess Hours, Prince Hours (Goong), My Girl, Full House, Yoo-Hee the Witch, Delightful Girl Choon-Hyang, Stairway to Heaven, A Love to Kill, Summer Scent, What Star Did You Come From, Marrying A Millionaire.

Japanese doramas
Episodes: 12 episodes per series and for popular series, they will have special episode or SP.
Plots: Top-notch in originality. More intricate and engaging than Korean or Taiwanese dramas. Besides that, Japanese dramas implemented lots of their own culture compared to the Westernized Korean and Taiwan dramas. Filled with suspenses.
Actors/actresses: Most actors are from Johnny's and were from boybands. Popular actors are Takuya Kimura, Jun Matsumoto, Toma Ikuta, Yamashita Tomohisa, Horikita Maki, just to name a few.
Notable dramas: Only after I watched Beautiful Life (main actor: Takuya Kimura) for the first time that I took note of Japanese dramas. This followed by other drama series with Takuya Kimura in it as he was so popular during that period. And the most current drama series that I've watched were Hana Yori Dango, Hanazakari No Kimitachi E, Zettai Kareshi, Nobuta Wo Produce, Gokusen, GTO, One Litre of Tears and Proposal Daisakusen @ Operation Love. Not only these series are popular, they also won many awards in Japan.

Taiwan dramas
Episodes: 20-30 episodes per series.
Plots: Not as complicated as Japanese or Korean. Usually straightforward and light-hearted. Most of current drama adapted Japanese manga. I haven't watched many Taiwan dramas. Perhaps it is due to difficulty of finding alternatives in DVD forms that have English/Malay subtitle compared to Korean or Japanese dramas, which are cheaper too.
Actors/actresses: Younger, current popular actors were from boybands such as Fahrenheit & S.H.E.
Notable dramas: Hana Yori Dango and Romantic Princess. :X
Head-to-head battle
The best series to differentiate these three drama is Hana Yori Dango @ Boys Over Flowers @ Meteor Garden series. Though the story is based on manga originated from Japan, Taiwan's Meteor Garden is the first drama series that captured the attention of Asian audience. However, when Japan produced their own Hana Yori Dango drama series, it took the world by storm. Hana Yori Dango captures the real ingredients in the manga itself, the youthfulness of the characters, the importance of each characters, and it really touch the heart of its audience compared to Meteor Garden. Then came Boys Over Flowers from Korean, with better-looking actors and actresses and higher quality production. Boys Over Flowers tried to be different by changing the background stories but keeping the main plots intact. However, it still lacking in term on consistency of the story and sometimes it feels like jumping from one scene to one scene without a worthy continuity.

So if I have to conclude this based on this series alone, I would say, Japanese drama is number one! But take note that I watched more Korean dramas than Japanese doramas and argue as you want, I don't really fancy Taiwan dramas if not for two or three worthy drama series.


  1. 1 vote for korean drama....suka gak tgk japanese drama,but slalu pendek sgt.12 episode?no la....i think at most sampai 10 episode je.tu pon kalo nasib baik.ada je yg 7 episode.

    taiwanese....i x minat bahasa dorg.i prefer hong kong.everything about hong kong since i was a child.hhahaha....

  2. pendek tapi tak melewah-lewah macam korean drama. kalu memang minat cinta meleleh, korean drama memang tangkap leleh. tapi kalau yang benar-benar menusuk sampai ke kalbu dan lebih mendalam, japanese drama is the way to go!

  3. i rs x puas kalo japanese drama. too short. i tgk byk cite japanese gk, tp sume x puas. geram2. haha...i like cite meleh2 ni. haha.....

  4. japanese drama is more memorable. korean drama come and go but doesn't leave a deep meaning. :P hihihi. debat debat!

  5. new comers.jowever korean BOF is the best among the three as it is not boring as taiwan!

  6. yup, hana yori dango from japan is simply the best f4 adaptation. best acting, best soundtrack, best plot and doesn't felt unrealistic like korean boyz over flowers or taiwan meteor garden. in japan version, makino tsukushi was potrayed as the poorest in japan compared to in korean which felt like she is enjoying being showered with wealth by f4.

  7. tak adil la bandingkan ngn cite yg di adaptasi from japanese to korean or taiwanese.no originality,that's y x masyuk kalo tgk.

    macam cite2 hantu korean or japan yg di jadikan english oleh mat salleh2 tuh,cth the grudge......x best langsung!!!!hahaha

    *ps-over plak ngn tanda seru byk2 tuh.hahahaah.....

  8. not just originality, from variety perspective, japanese dramas are more varied rather than korean or taiwan dramas. they tend to have different theme and issues for every dramas they produced.

  9. I read your entry and can't help but comment. As a fan of Korean dramas, I think it's a shame that most non-Koreans only get the chance to watch predictable romance dramas like the ones you list here. I would like to recommend a few that I consider are of higher quality:

    All In
    Beethoven Virus
    Cain and Abel
    I'm Sorry, I Love You
    Money's Warfare
    Thank You
    The Devil
    What Happened in Bali

    You can find English-subbed versions of these dramas at mysoju.com. Hope this changes your opinion of Korean dramas. :)

  10. Perhaps it's just me, but I don't know I'm more keen towards Japanese dramas. Perhaps there's Japanese blood in me. Hehe. Korean dramas are good but I still lurve Japanese more than Korean. I;ve just finished watching Yoo-Hee the witch and the story is quite boring and the ending is a cliffhanger, anti-climax and incomplete. Perhaps it's creativity but I would prefer a satisfactory ending.

  11. i'm more for japanese drama , but in this case , BOF is the best :)

  12. im more for korean,,they r da best...ever

  13. yeap, and korean still dominates here in malaysia!

  14. Among the three. For me Japanese version is the best. I watch more korean dramas than japanese I also watch BOF first than Hana yori Dango but still I really think japanese one is the best among them.

  15. I agree. I watched all of them .. From meteor garden, hana yori dango and BOF since I really love the manga and I can say Japanese is really the best of the three.