Watch: Proposal Daisakusen or Operation Love

Proposal Daisakusen or Operation Love is a J-drama about Iwase Ken who has been given chances to rewrite his past by a fairy through the pictures slideshow his friend has made for his childhood friend's Rei's wedding. Every pictures in the slideshow represent key events of Ken and Rei's love story.

While watching Proposal Daisakusen, lot of thoughts came rushing into my mind. How nice it is to have a childhood friend who then be my wife. And how lucky for the main characters for having each other as friends, through thick and thin. I really envy their friendship. How I wish I could turn back time and redo all the things starting from my childhood so I don't have anything to regret in the future. How I really pray that I lead a totally different life from what I'm through now. :(

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  1. woww.. i like the movie...

    Operation Love....

    the most perfect movie for me