Asus EEE PC 2G Surf 700 Is Finally Mine!

(from top to bottom: Pearl White, Blush Pink, Sky Blue, Lush Green, Galaxy Black. Sweet like sugar!)

Yeay! I've finally bought the Asus EEE PC 2G Surf 700, an Ultra Mobile Personal Computer (UMPC) worth RM699 after discounted from RM899 at Tesco Extra Cheras! Because there is no other choice besides the Lush Green colour so I just picked that colour (They said the other Tesco braches also selling the same colour only. Dunno if it is a lie or the truth) EEE refers to "Easy to Work, Easy to Learn, Easy to Play", the size and functions are between a PDA and a laptop. The specifications are:

Internal memory: 2GB SSD (solid state disk)
Memory expansion: slot for MMC/SD (SDHC) cards
Processor: Intel Celeron-M 800MHz (underclocked to 571MHz)
Operating System: Genuine Windows XP Home Edition
LCD: 7 inches, 800 x 400 pixels
Networking: 54g Wi-Fi (802.11b/g), 10/100 Fast Ethernet
Peripheral connectivity: three USB 2.0
External video: one VGA
External audio: one headphone and one microphone port
Webcamera: no
Battery: 4400 mAh (4 cells)
Battery life: up to 2.8 hours
Weight: 2 pounds (32 ounces)
Dimensions: 8.9 x 6.5 x 1.4 inches

Pro: It's small, fits into a small messenger bag, familiarity with Windows XP, includes Microsoft Works (mobile version of Microsoft Office!), nice display, nice sound, fast bootup & shutdown, I personally like the ASUS logo on top of it, look classy

Cons: No webcam (but I don't really use webcam), only 2GB (can use SD card up to 32GB. 8GB Class 4/6 costed about RM60), 512MB RAM (I think it's upgradable, will check on it later. But I'm gonna use this just for surfing Internet on the go. Limited to 2-3 concurrent applications), not include protective sleeve, small keyboard (but will do for now)

To complete the experience, I'm gonna try it using wi-fi, whether it is easy to connect and browsing the web smoothly. Hopefully not too laggy. As the conclusion, this is the UMPC to buy if you are looking for the alternative web-surfing on the go device, extreme cheapest, smaller UMPC to bring and use almost anywhere (except in the toilet la). It may not be easy-upgradable, performance-wise or has longer battery life, but with such low price tag, it's one of the guilty pleasure to have! It's perfect for people who mainly use a desktop and sometimes need a laptop for casual outing or couch surfing. It even perfect for aspiring write like me!

p/s: Thanks senseboyz for accompanying me buying the UMPC! Jasamu kukenang!


  1. i br tgk kat kedai td....
    n ada berangn gak nak beli....for browsing internet
    ye la....saiz yg kecil
    n...omg,u da beli
    but RM699?apsal i tgk kat sini harga die 1499?

  2. ooo...u kena tgk spec die... cam i punye memang de very basic... lg pun yg 699 tu kat tesco je dan while stocks last

  3. memory + ssd tak boleh upgrade, asus da soldered kat motherboard ...