Happy Birthday Eddy!

Happy Birthday Eddy! Thanks for inviting us to the party! The White Chocolate Maccadamia cake was delicious too! Can't wait for the pictures to be uploaded to Facebook especially the musical cushion competition! Wink wink! Last time during Wesley's birthday, it was limbo, and last night it was musical cushion competition! Yeah, I won the first ever musical cushion competition beating up Cliff, the self-acclaimed defending champion for musical chair competition! Hikhik! Getting a small wound on the ankle proved worthy! Because we were among the first ones that arrived at the party, so we took the chance to shoot some beautiful posing pictures! And also, because I am the winner for the musical cushion competition, so the modelling agency has been so kind-hearted to take extra shots of me alone! Unluckily, Along couldn't attend the party. But of course there's always next time! Nice to meet new friends too! For more pictures of the party, please click HERE.