Jan to Jun 09: What Have I Done? Preview

Let us check back my 2009 resolution draft:
1) Register gym, fit kan badan
2) Settle kan lesen keta, beli keta Myvi
3) Consistently bayar PTPTN
4) Changing the course of my work
5) Amek master, either oversea or not
6) Awek-less to awek-ful
7) Deco my crib
8) Travelling lagi
9) Another image makeover
10) Start saving!
11) Get rid of unappreciative friends & kill enemies
12) To be more generous and sharing

So for the half-year review, I still have not register to any gym, afraid that it will go to waste. Car license and a car also not started anything yet, I think I'm scared of driving lah. Even PTPTN is not yet consistently paid, what the heck am I doing? Taking Master in any courses is still not available to me. And I haven't date a single lady this year, perhaps because of my busy life, with work and games!

But, I did decorate my room and it look more hostable now, and I'm also planning to buy any flat or apartment around here too. And I also travel quite a lot this year. I've also done another image makeover which quite successful (in my own word haha!). I have also started my own saving account, which I hope I can committed to later on. And for the last two, not too successful but not failures as well.

So I'm crossing my fingers for more successful venture in the next half year! Aja Aja Fighting!

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