My Lurve Affair With..."Madu Tiga"!!!

When your LURVE affairs need you to be in front of your personal computer all the time, you need lots of snacks, not only to feed your hunger, but also as part of your healthy diet. I am Kaizar and I never had enough with only one LURVE affair. As a matter of fact, there are three LURVE affairs that I’ve been juggling around for all these years, and they are my so-called “Madu Tiga” as in the famous P.Ramlee song!
Strumming Guitar Hero on PS2 & Hot N Spicy!

My first LURVE affair is with games, and lots of games. If I am a cat blessed with nine lives, then time would not be a problem for me to finish all the games that I have in my collection. But then again, can a cat play games? The Sims is the game that started the LURVE affair between me and games. Since then, I’ve been in a wondrous journey with my computer, Playstation 2, Playstation Portable, Nintendo Wii, Nintendo DS, Nokia N-Gage and I even play games from Facebook and Myspace. And let me share with you my secret on how to stay up late at night to play games, it’s a snack! And want to know what snack it is? You have to read this until the end.
Watching lovey-dovey drama & French Onion!

When I’m bored with my first LURVE affair, I look for more fun in my second LURVE affair, and that is with movies and dramas! Well, who doesn’t like watching movies and dramas; action, romantic, comedy, science fiction, horror or fantasy, there’s always something interesting to watch. I still remember the time when I sat with my late grandmother each evening watching Bollywood movies. (And suddenly I hear the tune of Kuch Kuch Hota Hai playing in my head!) If my LURVE affair with movies is still not enough to fulfill my lust, I’ll be watching dramas from one episode to another, non-stop and sometimes I skipped meal just to finish a drama series! But luckily, there’s always this snack that keep me survive and fit until now. Well, the snack would be none other than… Nope, you still have two paragraphs left to read! Talking about dramas, I’m currently falling head over heels with Japanese and Korean dramas. Can you say “Kawaii”?

Reading magical book & Seaweed Nori!

But sometimes, I just want to have a quiet LURVE affair instead of having to listen to all the sound effects of the games or lengthy dialogues of the movies or dramas. And it led me to my third LURVE affair with books! I was born a bookworm and I still am until now. And I have been wearing spectacle since I was in Primary 3 all thanks to my bad habit of reading Doraemon comics in the dark of night. (Does comic considered as book?) My favourite books would always be Harry Potter and Narnia, the books that let my imagination runs wild. Nowadays, I am still into reading but not only did I read books, I also read other people’s blogs, and thus I publish one of my own too! And reading books or blogs wouldn’t be a perfect experience without filling my mouth and stomach with the delicious and healthy snack.

Now, what is the snack that I’ve been mentioning all over this blog post? Did you notice it already? Well, the snack is in UPPERCASE letters. I’ve always been a Twisties guy and the love for the snack just came naturally to me. If I have to pick my favourite flavor out of the three available, that would be Hot N Spicy because I just like my snack to be a bit spicy! And if you count all the LURVE words including this one, the sum is 11; and if they are roses, they would mean “My treasured one; the one that I love most in my life”. And so are all the things that make me… ME!


  1. wohh sepa la yg snapkan gmba ko ni geng?? akaka,, nice! lack of forth love wei,,love ehemm2 ,,Larikkkk hee~ btw, di blog ni haku guna nama kip,,nti ko kompius lak kejap apeng,kejap kip,, ;p

  2. haha, baca komen pun suda tau sapa... kawan aku yang snapkan ni, saja mau masuk contest nuffnang & twisties lurve... peng, ko slalu chat di astro @15 ka?

  3. nice shoot...try tgk..dgr ada gak kat facebook yg kene post psl lurve nih...

  4. iya geng,,dulu haku salu chat sana,, napa? ko plak?

  5. hehehe, sebab aku terbaca nama eme kat blog ko... ofismate aku tu

  6. lerr,,duhal opismate,,ko bahagian mana geng?rapat ka ngn nya?hehe

  7. kitorang under division yg sama... operation gak... :)