Play: Pet Society - Let's Go Fishing!

At first, they published the picture above to give hint on the next biggest update that will take place in Pet Society. And today the Mayor has sent a newsletter regarding a new fishing pond in the village!
There are 3 sizes of aquarium to buy in the Garden Shop to display the things that you've got. The smallest costed 500 coins, the medium will cost 1500 coins and the largest costed 3000 coins. I would certainly go for the largest one and whoever have things they don't want in their aquarium can donate the items to my aquariums! :)
Here are the instruction:
So what are you waiting for, Let's Go Fishing!!!
My first fishing experience catches:
homegrown coconut (coconutfish), homegrown apple, orange, banana (starfish), homegrown cupcake (squid), pineapple (old boot), cauliflower (message in a bottle), loaf of bread - sardine, leek (empty bottle), lemon (shrimp), courgette (altum angelfish), apple (seaweed), piece of melon (soda can), corn (squid), carrot (fish bones), grapes (shrimp), melon (starfish), pumpkin (empty bottle), strawberry (seaweed), pear (seaweed), broccoli (sea star baby doll), onion (carp), banana (seaweed), biscuit (sea urchin), cheese (carp), meatball (sea urchin), salami (bike wheel), pizza slice (soda can), coconut half (broken pot), hot dog (message in a bottle), rare steak (altum angelfish), bone (starfish), orange juice (bluegill), chocolate milk (bike wheel), strawberry milk (fish bones), milk (squid), whole pizza (squid), popcorn (broken pot), chocolate soft serve (squid), coconut juice (empty bottle), cheeseburger (frontosa), strawverry soft serve (empty bottle), donut (bluegill), pink donut (crab), maple syrup (carp)
Don't forget to share with me what you've caught for your first fishing experience! :)

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