Researching How To Get More Money From Blogging

Wowza! I'm so impressed with this Nuffnanger Kate that I started researching on how to increase traffic to my blog and found out these few blog posts which are very useful.

1) The very first thing you should do NOW is to register your blog to Blog Explosion. Wait for your blog to be approved. When approved, you MUST surf other Blog Explosion member's blogs because for every blog that you visit, you earn credits. Then assign those credit to your blog and for every credit assigned, your blog will appear once to other members to visit. Remember, you must visit other member's blog so they will visit yours.

2) Blog about blogging. Read more about it HERE (That's what I'm doing right now)

3) Make your blog searchable by search engines. And label your posts so the search engines would catalogued your blog by keywords.

4) If you are Nuffnang Glitterati, submit your blog post on INNIT. Click "Add New Post"

Yeah, I'm gonna try all these methods right now! Waddaya think? Is there any more method that I should know about that I left out? Hopefully I could get the 4-figure check by the end of the month and start living off from blogging. :)) I wish upon the star...


  1. geng,klu wat money dr web ni bha,,buleh pcaya ka klu kita kasi no akaun bank kita en??

  2. uina...entah la, nda penah plak aku kasi no akaun bank...hurm...ko kena tanya sama expert soalan ni...thehehe...