So Happening, So Shout Award 2009!!!

When the clock at my workplace hit 7 pm, I left all my unfinished work and went straight to Bukit Jalil Stadium. I changed my cloth and put on my contact lens in the car driven by Zack while stuck in the jam. Met Along at the stadium and he ushered us to the moshpit! Harm, Jan, Wes, Jeremy, Nelly, Fauzi & the gang were there too, great friends to have around to party! Caprice's performance was awesome as he was accompanied by so many beautiful girls! And Joe Flizzow's performance was great too, a car was driven to the stage alongside two bikes! Cool stuff! Upin & Ipin appearance are cute too! "Betol! Betol! Betol!"
Some of my favourites won the awards, and predictably, the first Ultimate Shout Award was won by Bunkface! Too bad some of the award winners were busy with the APM like Stacy and Faizal Tahir. The highlight of the night is of course the arrival of Sean Kingston and he sang Take You There, Beautiful Girl and the latest single, Fire Burning! Oh yeah the crowd was so crazy when Sean Kingston took the stage. Total fire burning on the dancefloor! We left the party feeling over-hyped! Thanks 8TV for the great fun! For more pictures of the event, please click HERE.



    this is the girl i told you bout. lol

  2. sarah tu ke? sat sat... i thot sarah yg tgh hosting shout award time tu... ni host mane satu?

  3. that stupid sarah tu mmg yg hosted the show.

    yg gambar tu, the girl yg aku cakap sama rambut mcm ngko. eh, i mean rambut ngko sama mcm dia.

  4. aaaa..... beng beng!!!! (sambil meletakkan tapak kaki ke gambar profil zul shamsuddin di facebook nya) hahahaha!!!!