Watch: Harry Potter and the Half-Blood Prince

And so I've watched the six instalment of Harry Potter series just now. I'm not going to talk about the plots because I've already elaborate the details HERE. In continuity with the last Harry Potter movie, Harry Potter & the Order of the Phoenix, this movie is specially made for a specific audience, and that would be those who have been avid readers of Harry Potter books. This means it will leave those who doesn't read the books thoroughly to be confused and bewildered. It gave me a sense of guilty pleasure for being satisfied to see people leaving the cinema after the movie with a blank face, feeling abandoned by the movie. A lot of elements in the movie left unexplained, and only those who read know what exactly happened between the scene. To me, this movie is a complimentary to the book.

The best scene in the movie would absolutely be in the cave where Dimbledore defeated all the Inferi with fire. I wonder why they left the scenic Albus Dumbledore's funeral attended by all kind of magical creatures because I think the scene will capture the real essence of the sixth book. Even the "Half Blood Prince" background story was not explained in the movie for those who only depend on the movie to explain to them everything needed to be known. As I said in my previous blog post about the book HERE, the book actually should be named something else and not "HP & the HBP". Also, my first impression on the book HERE. Once again, the HP franchise has widen the gap between those who have read the books and those who have not but probably would. (Addendum: Or this is a strategy employed by JK Rowling to entice people to read the book because somehow, I felt that way when I watch the movie)

Adding to that, I don't really think kids will enjoy watching the movie because whether you want to believe it or not, the last two Harry Potter movies doesn't have those kiddie fun entertainment that they can relate to. Whatever it is, I can't hardly wait for the last movie, Harry Potter & the Deathly Hallows. The epilogue would be the one that I would really love to see. I want to know how the director will translate the adult phase of Harry Potter and friends to the silver screen. And please, for those who haven't read the seventh book, do not hate Snape because he's actually not a bad guy.

Next: Harry Potter & the Deathly Hallows Part 1 on Nov 19, 2010 & Part 2 May 2011!


  1. haku mau tul tgk heri pota ni dr mula episot 1 smpai 6 ni,tafi asik terskip n crita dia haku dah tatau turutan dia,, adehh geng,,klu ko ada vcd dia yg kulaiti terbaik punya,,post la wei bg pinjam,,haku salu tgk yg citak rumpak punya,,wakakaa,,..

  2. ni ada link torrent harry potter ep 1 ke 5. baik punya quality.

  3. i agak dissappointed bile dorg x buat scene battle at hogwart time dumbledore mati tuh....

  4. takpe...diorg save the best for last.the seventh book kan ada battle for hogwarts yang lagi berskala besar.satu lagi, diorang tak nak repeat scene yang lebih kurang sama seperti dalam movie kelima..

  5. maybe...but dorg elaborate kisah cinta ron tu terlampau panjang...menjadikan cerita sgt lame,lembap dan kanak2 tak matang sgt.

    hmmm...i pikir la.mmg dlm HP5 dulu ada dlm movie tu pon terlalu byk skip sbb nk tunjuk action ni skip battle sbb nk tunjuk cinta semata2.

    i pikir....battle tu penting sbb kalo xde,die jd mcm org2 kt hogwart tu wat tak tau je atau menerima dgn redha je kematian,tak mau ke dorg halau musuh keluar dr rumah dorg kn?

    quite bad reputation....those professor in hogwarts terpaksa redha dgn kekuatan death eaters....haiyo.malu seh.even di rumah front of their own i,ni consequences bila dorg tinggalkan babak penting.

    deathly hallows nnt,battle sampai hogwrts tower pon hancur.i want to see it.see hogwart castle is the most sacred place in magic world dan x boleh dirosakkan walau dengan apa2 power sekalipun.jd nampak sgt battle dorg tu yg paling hebat dlm sejarah.

    maybe lebih hebat drp battle between dumbledore and gallert grindlewart.ah....i kene jdkn cerita ni complement je.cencentrate2....