Watch: Role Models

I don't expect to blog anything about watching this movie but it was that good that I had to blog about it. See the picture up there? Yes, this movie is that racy. Nakedness, boobs, bad languages, all in one package. It started with two friends of totally different personalities, Sean William Scott as the happy-go-lucky Wheeler and Paul Rudd as the pessimist Danny, working together promoting energy-boost drink called Minotaur from school to school. One day, Danny was dumped by his girlfriend. He got mad and create a havoc at a school. They end up doing community service at Sturdy Wings, an organization helping lonely children.

Wheeler was paired up with a foul-mouthed Little (that's what they called the children in the organization) named Ronnie, who then he found out is fatherless, and they found their common ground of liking band KISS together. While Danny was paired up with Augie, a Little who was so into LAIRE (Live Action Interactive Role-playing Explorer), and this is where I got so interested in the movie. Somehow the two of them messed-up with their Littles, Wheeler abandoned Ronnie to have sex with an elementary teacher he met in a party and Danny got Augie kicked out from LAIRE. However, Danny then helped Augie to be accepted back into LAIRE. They recruited Wheeler and Ronnie to establish a new country in LAIRE, called "Kiss-My-Anthia", dressing up like KISS members complete with the make-up, drove the Minotaur truck and joined the final Battle Royale for LAIRE.

I really love how this movie open up my imagination. All I like about this movie is the LAIRE. And after googling it, I found a website dedicated to it, This movie is original, and I found pure laughs in some of the scenes. A feel-good movie.

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