Watch: Hannah Montana: The Movie

Please, please, please watch Hannah Montana: The Movie, even if you are not a big fan of her! This is the best family movie ever! Put aside your bias judgment on her and just enjoy the movie. From the start of the movie till the end, it is so entertaining and emotionally-involved and never felt like any other teenager's movie. Beginning with the very familiar "Best of Both World" mix theme song (with a brief head-spining Hawaiian version of the song and repeated sentence due to damaged CD! LOL LOL!), the tune just sucked you right into the movie.

I am a self-confessed die-hard fan of Disney Channel Original series and one of them is Hannah Montana. A tween I'm not but yet, I just grow fond to the series over the years. Putting that aside, the shift between the drama series and the movie is done smoothly and worthy to be put on the silver screen. The story of the film is simple, about a spoiled teenage superstar finding back her own long-forgotten root.

The first few sequences in the movie are all great and fun and keeps me laughing hysterically, about how Miley can't get into her own concert and resorted to driving a golf cart, the catfight between divas, namely Tyra Bank and Hannah Montana herself over a pair of shoes (LOL! Tyra's cameo so funny!), and then the movie began to move into a deeper, emotional scenes about the friendship between Miley and her BFF, Lilly during the latter's 16th birthday bash. One of the most emotional scene in the movie would absolutely be during the spinning door scene between Miley, Travis, whom Miley has a crush and an unnamed little girl, I just felt on the verge of crying, it touched my heart!

Vanessa Williams, recently famous for being the evilish Wilhemina in Ugly Betty, has yet again putting back the high heels for her character as Hannah Montana's fussy publicist in the movie. Miley's friends, Rico and Oliver also made a brief appearance in the movie. Justin, Miley's brother doesn't do much in the movie either. All songs in the movies are very catchy and fine especially Howdown Throwdown and The Climb. The end scene where she sang The Climb song is totally inspiring, "Life's a climb, but the view is great". So true, so true! Hannah Montana/Miley Cyrus, you rock! Now, Kaizar, back to earth...

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