Watch: Land of the Lost, Up 3D and Dance Flick

Comedy films round-up!
Land of the Lost is a fascinating movie about time warp, dinosaurs, aliens, ape man and everything in between, all the crazy stuffs that always lure me to watch a movie. The plot is predictable and lots of sexual jokes (boobs!), toilet jokes (drinking dinosaur's pee, escaping from a dinosaur's ass) and also contain a long draggy drug scene. What I learn from the movie is that dinosaurs do have a brain of the size of a pea, but be reminded that back in the Stone Age, the size of a pea is as huge as a boulder. And we've missed the last scene where after the rolling credits, a dinosaur's egg left in the studio hatched into a baby Sleestak, the bad alien. Well, okay...
Up! One of my most-awaited animation movie! It's about a grumpy old man taking an adventure he dreamed to have since childhood, bringing along his floating house with lots of balloons, and stucked with an over-optimistic scout boy who just want to complete his Wilderness Explorer badge. On the road to Paradise Falls, they met a talking dog, a rare bird species and the old man's childhood hero, a discredited adventurer who ends up dying as a villain. It's not a perfect movie and some of reviewers labeled the move as "depressing" but I find it enjoyable. The best part is absolutely the floating house. Some of the scenes are pure laughs, some are real action and some just plainly sad but overall not that bad to watch.
Dance Flick is gay, it is totally a gay spoof movie parody. Almost all the jokes in the movie are gay jokes. The film has been heavily censored in Malaysia but that's not the real reason why the movie sucks. It's just trying too hard to be funny that it's not fun at all. No pure laugh stocks. Watching the film in a cinema full with stupid brats who cursed, clapped and annoyingly laughed at inappropriate moments all the time doesn't help it either. Steer away from this movie at all cost. Don't watch this movie even if it's the only movie available. Consider yourself warned.

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