Hierarchy of Pop Royal Family

King of Pop - Michael Jackson
Queen of Pop - Madonna
Princess of Pop - Britney Spears
Prince of Pop - Justin Timberlake

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GTA IV Parental Control Solved

I've once experienced the problem, googled it but couldn't find any solution. Finally, I found it. So this is step by step to solve Parental Control problem.

1) Launch Rockstar Games Social Club
2) Signup for RGSC online
3) Login your RGSC account
4) Click "Play"
5) When you get the error message "Application Failed to Launch", DO NOT click "OK". Leave it like it is.
6) Go to GTA IV folder in your PC and run the game.

You have to be connected to the Internet the next time you play the game.

Scribble-lazy Mode

Collection of recent FB statuses

28th Sept - will be living another life in the next few months

29th Sept - is listening to "embers" by just jack and "untouched" by the veronicas! inspiration overflow!

30th Sept - korang rasa tak gegaran hasil gempa bumi kol 6 lebih tadi? omg, menakutkan. ingatkan aku sakit or astro nak kena serang ke ape. rasa2 cam nak muntah pun ade. dah lah tinggal kat rumah tingkat 13. terus ingat Tuhan...

1st Oct - Sedang mendengar full album Siti Nurhaliza - Tahajjud Cinta. Menenangkan dan mendamaikan juwa yang kacau bilau!

4th Oct - lagu "fireflies" dari "owl city" sangat cute cute cute~~!!

6th Oct - Nate Archibald: class whore, Dan Humphrey: the ultimate insider, Chuck Bass: coward, Blair Waldorf: weakling and as for Serena Van Der Woodsen, after today you are officially irrelevant

6th Oct - selesai membasuh baju. selepas ini melipat baju. esok ke lowyat membeli power supply silverstone! inilah hidupku.

8th Oct - after much consideration, i finally bought the xigmatek 500w power supply as recommended by fellow friend in lowyat.net :) happy with my new installed radeon 4850!

9th Oct - dancing to the song "nobody" by wonder girls and "mama do" by pixie lott!

9th Oct - is singing along with Britney Spears' song "3" !

9th Oct - hari ini ku habiskan masa bermain video game dengan setting yang melampau tinggi untuk menguji kad grafik baru, EXTREMELY FEELING GREAT! Bioshock, Burnout Paradise, Crysis, Far Cry 2, Half Life 2, Hellgate London, Mass Effect, Oblivion, Stalker, Street Fighter IV, The Sims 3, Unreal Tournament 3, Dawn of War II!!! SWEET REVENGE!
11th Oct - esok ada training fore tv kol 3 hingga 6 ptg. jgn lupe ye kengkawan. dan sok gak cover hema for night shift. half day alamatnyer...

12th Oct - aku api yang akan membakar diriku sendiri dan semua di sekelilingku. kemusnahan bermula

12th Oct - if only life is like a video game - there's always a reset button to restart everything...

13th Oct - sabtu ni open house edy, ahad open house joji... tapi aku keje malam... cane ni? mintak tolong ganti zet tukar shift boleh tak? huhu... the last weekend to celeb raya!!!

13th Oct - is listening to the combination of these songs to cure his broken-hearted: "Happy - Leona Lewis", "Here We Go Again - Demi Lovato", "XXX You - Lily Allen" and "Trouble is a Friend - Lenka" :(

14th Oct - time to take control of my life back, "run this town - jay-z feat kanye west & rihanna" & "empire state of mind - jay-z feat alicia keys")

movies: 17 again - zac efron's acting so believable!, cloudy with a chance of meatballs - leaving the cinema smiling from ear to ear, feeling like a kid. i love you beth cooper - relieving the high school drama. the ugly truth - sexily funny! 9 - sleeping through the movie three times...
dramas: gossip girl - i can hear the wedding bells already. heroes - jaw-dropping!
games: burnout paradise - extraordinary driving game! grand theft auto - after patching the game & updating ati drivers, look fabulously! bioshock - scared me to hell! feeling like walking through lunatics hospital. crysis - virtual snorkelling!

waiting list:
movies: avatar, alvin & the chipmunks 2, santau

games: need for speed nitro

Play: Zuma's Revenge

I have finished playing Zuma's Revenge! At the final level, you'll defeat the chef very easily, then you meet the real boss, and in the middle of the battle, he will transform. And lastly, you will battle your own clone. These are the stats! (click for larger view)

Watch: Gossip Girl S3 Ep4 - Dan De Fleurette

This week's Gossip Girl episode is all about the diva: the queens and the princesses of the never ending fairytale!

Olivia Burke (Hillary Duff) is the new character introduced this week and perhaps we'll be seeing her for the next few episodes, considering she's going to date Dan Humprey for a while. She was attracted with Dan who doesn't know who she was until he went to her movie premiere, "Fleur" with Vanessa, who happened to be Olivia's roommate at NYU. Dan, is totally the ultimate insider.

Jenny, the new queen at Contance, was trying to break the hierarchy rules and regulations at the school but was fired back by Blair. Blair held her annual sleepover in order to re-establish her traditions in Constance and by doing so, she has turned off Chuck's offer to accompany him to the movie premiere. Chuck, in retaliation, teamed up with Jenny to sabotage Blair's sleepover. In the end, Jenny learns that there's no such freedom in Constance, and that, to become a queen, she needs to be tyranny. Blair, with her new-found confidence, has recruited some girls to take over NYU.

Serena, out from Brown, now working for publicist Kassie. She was appointed to befriended Ursula (Tyra Bank) and comforted her during the movie premiere due to her favourite scene was edited out. BTW, the movie "Fleur" has a cute scene between Hillary Duff and Tyra Bank.

And why is that everytime there's a big event such as the movie premiere, everyone seems to be there? Serena, Rufus, Lily, Chuck, Jenny, Blair, Dan and even Vanessa? The most intriguing part is, what's now with Scott and Georgina?

p/s: Rufus trying to mimick Lilly's reaction to Serena is cute. Fairytale!

Watch: Gossip Girl S3 Ep03 "The Lost Boy"

The latest episode from Gossip Girl Season 3, "The Lost Boy" started with the steamy scene between Dan and Georgina before they get caught by Blair. Seems like Georgina actually really likes Dan considering the fact that she even used their picture together as the wallpaper on her MacBook Air. The high-profile relationship between Nate and Bree went public and soaring higher than ever. Chuck and Blair "little" bidding war scene is so cute! Chuck blurting out "She stole my shoes" is one of the oh-so-cute scene.The most lovable couple! Vanessa founds out who Scott really is. And Carter is really honest towards Serena. All's well ends well? Well, not so fast. Georgina overheard the conversation between Vanessa and Scott, and decided to follow Scott to his hometown. What latest plan she has in her mind? And for Carter, seems like he has something to do with Bree's family matter. What is it? We'll have to wait for the next episode, "Dan de Fleurette" for more revelation. Next week, Trya Bank and Hillary Duff in Gossip Girl! Till then...